Tuesday…And It’s Still About Books…Mostly!

Loving this…it’s about a mysteriously missing woman…she is having dinner with her husband…walks out on him…and is not seen again! It’s Washington and TV news…the pace is fast, the characters are interesting and it’s just really good!

More new books!!!
I cannot resist books like this…just the word “sweeping” draws me in…this one is from Ecco through Edelweiss.
From Amazon…
“The Hearts of Men is a sweeping, panoramic novel about the slippery definitions of good and evil, family and fidelity, the challenges and rewards of lifelong friendships, the bounds of morality—and redemption.”

From HarperTeen and Edelweiss…I love a good retelling…especially now with Disney’s Beauty And The Beast coming out soon! The music video for this movie is amazing!

From Amazon…

“Fierce and luscious. Wander into these woods and vanish inside this splendid fairy tale.” –Stephanie Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Anna and the French Kiss

“A rich, Russian-influenced retelling of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Building upon a familiar tale, Spooner creates a detailed world populated by complex characters… reminiscent of Robin McKinley’s and Patricia McKillip’s novels, concerned with the power of stories.” — Kirkus, starred review

It’s a rainy day here today…tomorrow is my “Big Chemo” day…every three weeks seems to come really fast! We are there most of the day, we need drinks and snacks and the next day is my dreaded Neulasta shot which brings aches and pains and more fatigue. That’s my complaint for today…I am sorry.

For some reason I have been craving lemonade all throughout this process…lemonade, lemon drops, and sour lips! This recipe is from SimplyRecipes…and we are trying this one this afternoon. We have been buying an organic one and Den…my personal lemonade maker…adds tons of ice and fresh squeezed lemonade to it so that it is tart…I crave the tart part!

These are a staple…thank God for Amazon! Just one or two suits me!

And these…I had a tiny bag of these from a delightful candy store in Lewes, Delaware…and I needed more of them right now! I had to wait for these…they came from a candy store in CA. They are so good! I really don’t eat tons of these…perhaps one or two a day? It’s really hard to deny a “Chemo Craving”…

So…my Den packs snacks in little baggies and water and lemonade and pretzels and crackers and string cheese and off we go! Sigh!

So…I will finish The Cutaway today and I think I will start this…I am trying to whittle down my very big stack of real books…ebook stacks don’t count for me because I can’t really see them…or am I just fooling myself? Oh my!

Have a great day!




10 thoughts on “Tuesday…And It’s Still About Books…Mostly!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    That's how I feel about e-book stacks, too. I can totally ignore the numbers as I keep adding them to Pippa.

    I am also ordering (and stacking) real books, too. The memoirs, or any books that might have photos, must be in the “real book” version. I am expecting The Cutaway (from Vine) today or tomorrow.

    Enjoy! I haven't had lemonade in years! Now I am craving it, too!


  2. Ti says:

    I love lemon anything. I wonder if the tartness forces your lymph nodes to drain. No seriously!! I was told to suck on lemon drops during this ear problem to get my lymph nodes to drain. I don't know if they did or not. I am still having issues but it is a tad better. What is name of the candy store in Ca? Is it located in Carpinteria by chance?


  3. Stefanie Ng says:

    I hope your chemo session goes well. I can imagine Den bringing a small Igloo filled with your snacks and drinks. XO Homemade lemonade sounds so yummy. It's always a refreshing drink.


  4. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    I go through times of craving lemon drops. Cravings for things like that for me is the anemia. It could be your blood, too. Just take care of yourself. I cannot seem to get into a book right now. Just can't find one. Hugs!


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