Yesterday & Today…

I didn’t post yesterday. It was Big Chemo Wednesday and it literally kicks my butt! Nothing hurts…it is really just the length of time we spend there. The TV’s were not working so it was even longer…usually the Food Channel gets me through it. We were there at 8:15 and home at 3:00! I walked upstairs, took a shower and fell asleep for 2 hours! Ti! We had Cheerios and bananas for dinner. It was all we could manage. Neither Den nor I can read over there. We are in our little private suite but it’s still hard to concentrate. Once I get the baggie of Benedryll I am in constant motion for an hour. My legs twitch, I can’t sit still, even my words are slurred. It’s crazy time. Den sits and laughs! I don’t! The bags come in a certain order…steroids, antinausea, Benedryll and then the big guns in scary big bags…taxol and carbo…the stuff that made my skin soft, my nails long, and all of my hair fall out! Sigh! I was really nervous and scared yesterday. My amazing oncologist and baseball fanatic…Dr. Costello…says I have two more Big Chemo treatments which take me to May 10th…of course I embarrass everyone and cry. But I think he is used to it. He wants me to stop my SELF IMPOSED EXILE and go out more. I cry some more and remind him how vain I am about well…about everything about me. He looks at me and tells me I don’t realize how beautiful I am. He looks at Den and asks if he minds that he is telling me that and I cry even more. Sigh!

That was my yesterday!


Finished this…really good…high intensity newsroom, missing woman and well developed interesting characters and their relationships.

Reading this…a really good start…really really really!

Just got this from Vine…I really wanted this one and it just appeared in my queue! Probably it’s up next…yummy! I love book surprises!

Today…back to Oncology for the dreaded Nuelasta shot…the one that makes every joint in my body ache but keeps away infections! And fixes stuff! The next few days have the potential to be a little rough! But I am used to it and I can deal with it!

Today I feel really really good and I will treadmill walk soon!

My babies…

always a source of comfort…they have a sense for that…they are on my lap as soon as I come home…watching me…well Lucy does…Roxie falls asleep!






14 thoughts on “Yesterday & Today…

  1. Denise Ward says:

    Yesterday, overall, sounds like a good day. Nice. Hope today isn't too rough. And, may I suggest……add 1 minute to your exercise at a time? Literally, 1 minute….as in, increase from 15 to 16 minutes. Do that for a week or so. Then, next thing, increase intensity a tiny notch. That's what my trainers all taught me, do it a teeny bit at a time. Before you know it, you will be feeling GREAT. Which is good. Since you have to shop for a gown for a black tie wedding. 😉


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, so sorry your Wednesdays are rough, but good news that you're almost done! Yay!

    Your books look wonderful. I have The Cutaway…and after seeing your news about Small Hours, I went to Vine…and I requested it! I've also been eager for this one.

    Your girls are precious….have a relaxing day, as much as you can. Hang in there!


  3. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    Your oncologist sounds amazing. I'm so glad you have someone like him leading you through all this. You took me back to childhood with the Cheerios and banana mention – a morning staple in my house! Loving the cover of Small Hours. Surprise books are the best!!


  4. Ti says:

    I was reading your post and then I saw TI and then I thought I was losing my mind. Hahaha. It took me a minute to realize you were talking to me. Bananas and Cheerios are quite good. I didn't have fruit to put in mine when I had it. Of course, now I am craving a bowl and I have soup for lunch.

    I grabbed Small Hours when it first hit NetGalley. It just totally sounds like my thing but since it doesn't come out until June, I will wait a little bit to read it. I have about 7 review copies ahead of it.

    I'm glad another “big day” of chemo has been checked off your list. Take it easy so you can gain your strength back and then follow your doc's advice and go out! Visit some great place for lunch or dinner and be sure to tell me about it.


  5. Patty Magyar says:

    I will! I will try to go to dinner…but it's hard to take myself out of my self imposed exile! My doctor said the worse that will happen is that people will assume I have breast cancer since Ovarian is not known very well!


  6. Patty Magyar says:

    I took your advice with intensity and time…I did 17 minutes total…I will try for 18 tomorrow! I do need to shop for a gown but you have to let me wear black! I just don't do colors!


  7. DMS says:

    I can imagine the treatment is even longer without the tv to distract you and Den. Your doctor sounds amazing. I am glad you are in such good hands.

    A friend of mine in her 40s lost all of her hair in about 2 weeks last year. She found out she had a severe case of alopecia and her hair will never grow back. She wore a scarf for a while and then decided to go without it (she also got a very expensive wig, which she wears from time to time). In the beginning when she was in different places like the grocery store- people assumed she had cancer. She said the hardest part was going everywhere the first few times, but then it was easier. At school, without air conditioning she almost never wore a head scarf during the last two months of school or the beginning two months. I hope her story might help you with your self imposed exile. 🙂 I can only imagine how hard it would be to break it- but I hope you get out there.

    I have a snow day today- so I am planning to get on the treadmill soon. 🙂 Good luck!


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