Discovery # 1…

Ever since Lent started I have been craving fish sandwiches, fish sticks, crab cakes, shrimp cocktails, and in particular the fish sandwich from Wendy’s which purist Den won’t let us get. There is a sheet pan dinner for fish and chips but we have to drive all the way to Weggieman’s to get the fish…probably won’t happen today! This recipe and photo are from chealseasmessyapron.


Discovery # 2…

I really do need more colored pencils. Some of these are just irresistible. My books and pencils are always accessible…my best coloring times are when I am waiting for water to boil…I think my coloring attention span is very short, too.

Discovery # 3…

I don’t want any more hats…I am so tired of hats but my head is really cold without them!

Discovery # 4…

My system really works! I can read more than one book at a time as long as one is Kindled and the other isn’t. Woefully my third book idea doesn’t work. I am sticking to two books. Although I also have Sycamore on my Kindle…sigh!

Discovery # 5…

Den will not just move a piece of furniture…today we simply had to change out a bedside table in one of the other bedrooms. For me…changing means changing. To Den…changing means dusting, vacuuming, questioning me about stuff and why we need it…sigh!

I really don’t know why we have so much stuff! But I do know that I need it.

The change out side…

The other change out side…

The sum of two changeouts…yep…way too much stuff! But I made almost everything! I can’t give it up yet. Once I feel totally strong I will go through each room and weed out stuff. But for right now…stuff stays.

Have a great weekend…see you on Monday!





7 thoughts on “Discoveries!

  1. Ti says:

    I have a lot of stuff in my bedroom right now. My daughter “cleans” her room by dumping the stuff she does not want into my room. She knows that I am sentimental about things but I am not sentimental about her worn out socks. Seriously!

    I don't know what is wrong with me but I am like 95% done with two books and cannot push myself to finish the darn things. I need to so I can move on.

    FISH. That sounds so good right now.


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