Springish Thoughts…Not About Books!

Even though I am still sort of in my self imposed exile…my springish thoughts are on springish clothes! I do love all sorts of clothes but my style remains the same. I love flowy…I love Boho…I love long dresses and slightly oversized tops. I love scarves and shawls and ponchos and hats! I love sandals and slides and slides and sandals! I love any kind of tunic ish top that I can throw on with leggings. My tunics always come to my knees so I won’t be stopped before getting on a plane. This time of year I love jeans leggings…my faves are from Hue…not expensive and totally comfortable…perfection with a comfy tunic! If it’s oversized…I love it!


I know…this one is so weird…but I love it!

I guess I should talk books…reading this…Lucy propped it up for me…the main idea is that a boy kills a girl and appears to get away with it. It’s fascinating…

It is a totally dreary rainy day here today. Tomorrow sunny and nice…hopefully!





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