My Man Up Wednesday!

This was my “knock me to my knees Big Chemo Day.” We go to it armed with snacks because it’s a 6 hour event. Pretzels, lemondrops, stringy cheeses, sweet and sour lips and my ever present lemonade! Den packs everything and hands them to me when I need them. It’s almost fun! We read, we chat with the nurses and we wait for the drugs to be delivered to my body. We bring treats for the nurses…today we brought them Godivas and chocolate covered pretzels…the nurses I love have been there forever. They know so much. They answer our questions. They make me feel safe. As much as I want to be healed and done…I am afraid to not see them every week. They are my comfort…we laugh together…they let me cry…they understand. They are amazing.

I didn’t read one word today…I hate that but I will read lots tonight. I had trouble deciding what to read. So…I am reading these…

I am so tired now…I will chat more about them tomorrow! But so far all three are yummy…yeah…I know I said I couldn’t read three at a time…I don’t now how this happened! Blame Big Chemo and my unsettled eye! And too many lips! Yum!




13 thoughts on “My Man Up Wednesday!

  1. Ti says:

    The nurses who work Chemo are really angels in disguise. I've heard nothing but good things from you and others going through the same thing. They know how to love and care for people, that's for sure. I'm so glad you are taken care of when there. How many treatments? We can begin the countdown now, right?


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    I know…they are amazing! This was the 5th Big Chemo…I am definitely having a 6th one…at that time he will decide on a 7 or 8…which are iffy…he said that even though I am not allergic to the two chemo drugs I am getting…I can become allergic at 7…I think it all depends on how low my CA 125 number goes…they want it below 35…I won't know more for 6 weeks but he said I would have hair by summer! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I am going to be blonde for a while! Heeheehee! Hopefully cancer free with blonde spiky hair!


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