Even though I am so proud and cocky about reading two books at a time…one Kindled and one real…I totally goofed! Both books are about really missing/dead or just perhaps missing/dead husbands/boyfriends. How could I have done this? Plus…both are so deliciously good that I can not change them out now! Sigh!

This one? OMG! A car crash…a 4 year old on the way to get Chinese food in the car with her father…after the crash Maisie can’t stop talking about a bad man? Everyone knows how incredible Mary Kubicka writes and this one is no exception…I can’t stop reading it!

This one…a boyfriend who totally disappears from social media and life in general…what is going on? It’s good, too! But I may have to rest it until I finish my Kindled book!

I sort of sneaked this one in…a fantasy…that is really sooo yummy, too. Witches and forests and evil…I love it! I love dark powers…I wish I had some!

Dinner tonight! From Natasha’s Kitchen…

a creamy cool avocado salad…

We are having this so we can have gelato for dessert…this one is so delicious but we are adding cold hot fudge and peanuts to make it healthier. We had this concoction last night…my idea…Den fought it, tried it, and is now hooked on it!


Today is Nuelasta Shot Day!

So hard…so exhausting…hugs requested!




12 thoughts on “Yikes!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Salad and gelato! Great combo. As for reading two books at a time, I have to read one on Kindle and the other in print…and they must be in different genres. That helps with the confusion. LOL. Enjoy!


  2. Ti says:

    I've tried that gelato. It tastes like chemicals to me! And how does one eat cold hot fudge? It would be hard to add to the bowl.

    Thinking of you on shot day. I saw a commercial for Nuelasta and all I could think of was you as it was spewing out all the side effects. Most of which you haven't shared so I hope you don't have them!


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    That is too funny about the gelato…we love this one! The hot fudge is just at room temp…soft but not melted.

    I hate that commercial! I only get aches and pains and weariness…thank God!


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