Friday…A Sort Of Compilation Of Thoughts About My Week…

This week seemed sort of leisurely to me. There were sunny days and miserably dreary rainy days…like today. Den and I read and rested and cooked…together. It’s what we do! We had chemo and Nuelasta and Den said I fell into a deep two hour sleep today while we were watching American Crime. I don’t remember! We watched Dancing With The Stars and Survivor and Amazing Race…silly shows but entertaining for both of us.

We are also binge watching Sherlock Holmes and waiting for the new season of Dr. Who to begin.

Friends whom we haven’t seen since we moved away from St. Louis sent me these today…we found them at our front door on this dreary day. Of course I cried and cried.

I am still deep into this book…which is so good…

Still reading this one, too…


Both will be finished this weekend and I will reach for one of these…most likely…

There is basketball this weekend and perhaps a movie and Den will cheer me up if and when I get sad about stuff. The kitties will be ever present and watchful. I often wake up with one or both of them cuddling next to me.

Hopefully…soon…my self imposed exile will end. Den will get to stop telling me to “man up” but probably that will be our mantra for a while…but that’s ok.

So…tonight is a macaroni and cheese kind of night…when you live in Pennsylvania you have to have it with stewed tomatoes…no clue why but it’s what they do here. And for some odd reason it tastes yummy!

Hugs always…



9 thoughts on “Friday…A Sort Of Compilation Of Thoughts About My Week…

  1. bermudaonion says:

    We love macaroni and cheese and stewed tomatoes in the south but generally don't mix them. I hope you have a great weekend and Den doesn't have to tell you to “man up” too often.


  2. Stefanie Ng says:

    That is a pretty bouquet of flowers; how sweet they sent that to know they're thinking of you. This is your journey; you're in charge of how you want to deal. It's cute how you and Den roll together. He's your “old man” (Sons of Anarchy term) fo'sho!


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