A Reason For Binge Watching?

So…over the weekend I finished watching all of Season 5 of Chicago Fire…which I loved. This goes against everything I thought I loved because as I said before I usually don’t love shows about fire trucks. So I haven’t seen Seasons 1-4 but they aren’t readily available unless you pay about a million dollars for them. So…I started watching Chicago Med…which is also weird for me because I don’t like hospital shows. But…I am hooked and working my way through Season 2. Season 1 isn’t available unless you pay about a million dollars for it…heeheehee! But here is the amazing thing about Chicago Med…Dr. Connor Rhodes was in my second grade class when we lived in St. Louis. His mom was my room mom. He was a sweet little boy. He looks exactly the same except bigger and now he is a TV doctor! So cool! He has been on Broadway, too. I am absolutely certain that I was his fave teacher ever…

Reading this…you have to love fantasy but this book is so delicious…it’s all witches and wands and weirdness!

As well as this…


Off to try walking outside rather than treadmilling it…which is getting really boring.



Almost forgot…making a Spring Minestrone for dinner today…you just sort of toss in all kinds of vegetables and top it with pesto and eat it with good bread!


12 thoughts on “A Reason For Binge Watching?

  1. bermudaonion says:

    Oh my gosh, how cool is that?! It must seem a little strange to watch one of your former students like that!Maybe he'll see this and contact you and tell you that you were, indeed, his favorite teacher!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Wow, you could easily get his autograph, right? lol

    I have been curious about all those Chicago shows, but haven't watched any of them. Primarily because I already watch too many shows.

    Thanks for sharing…and enjoy your day!


  3. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    How fun to know a tv doc! He's very handsome. I haven't watched the show but I can see why it would be addictive. Re St. Louis – my daughter went to college there!
    Enjoy your walk. We're back to winter today – boo.


  4. Stefanie Ng says:

    Interesting to top minnestrone with pesto. We used to eat lots of minnestrone from the can throughout childhood. I want to make some one day. A girlfriend of mine always flashes hers on IG; I told her when they come over, she has to bring it.


  5. Patty Magyar says:

    I think topping it with pesto is an Italian thing to do…if you love pesto it makes the soup even better. I love making Minestrone because it's so easy…you can pretty much add anything to it!


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