It’s Wednesday…

Yesterday I took myself out of my self imposed exile to walk down our street…we got as far as our neighbor’s mailbox before we ran into our neighbor and just stopped to chat. It feels so good to be outside when the weather is perfect…and yesterday the weather was perfection. We finished our short walk by sitting on the deck watching one duck, three geese, one seabird, one huge wasp and one heron on the pond. It was lovely…other than the irritating wasp.

This is me…under this kitty pile! They both love to be on me or next to me and are often content to just hold onto me except when they are fighting over positions. Lucy…as the elder kitty…feels as though she is entitled to be closest to me. Roxie accepts it most of the time but occasionally rebels and literally shoves Lucy out of the way. Sigh!

This book! I normally like reading a book in a few days but this one is a big thick book and is taking me a long time to read although I love it. I think that sometimes fantasies take longer…new worlds, new words, new everything! It takes a longer time for me to absorb a fantasy. Plus there is a “mean girl” undercurrent in this book. Apparently even in other worlds girls are mean and jealous and cruel…it just makes this book even more exciting.

So…it’s just an ordinary Wednesday…kind of not a pretty day here…I have to go do bloodwork…we need some groceries…plus it’s Easter Week! There are chocolate bunnies and chicks and eggs to think about…and jellybeans! Who can forget Jelly Belly jellybeans?

Have a great day!




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