So…Yesterday…And Onward?

It didn’t have the outcome I wanted but not really because of anything bad…it’s all about charts and decreasing numbers and getting rid of these awful cancer cells. I have an amazing team of doctors and nurses. I started my first visit to Oncology by walking in sobbing…now Nurse Debbie knows everything about me. She can hear me talk from three booths over and has a response for every fear I have. We laugh and cry and hug now…I just didn’t want to do a 7 and 8…I wanted a head of hair and eyelashes within a week and a Road to Recovery! I was even ready to release myself from my self imposed exile…hmmm…a tough one for me but instead I bought 3 new hats!

Wool hats are way too hot…I need light weight stretchy hats that I can pull down over my eyebrows…very gangsta chic!

This is the kind of hat I wear most…comfy, stays on, I even sleep in it…thank God for Amazon! A hat and lipstick is all I need to get ready lately…5 minutes max!

I love this book! Mary, you were so right! It is so clever and funny and reminds me of Be Frank With Me…another book I loved.
And this one? OMG…every bit as good as The Trophy Child…you have to know it is about a mother who might be just a bit too tied to her son and a deviously entertaining girlfriend!

Jelly Beans!

A dear friend sent me this and when I called to thank her we had a delightful conversation about jelly bellies and the way we ate them. At the time of our discussion we both liked certain flavors and we ate them one at a time. I have to say that this is no longer the case with me. We have this huge box on the dining room table sort of out of the way so we aren’t tempted too much. But now as I walk by I sample all of them and some of them are two at a timers! They now all taste amazing to me! I can no longer tell the difference in flavors! Is that good or bad…I wonder!

Off soon to get my Nuelasta Shot…sigh!




12 thoughts on “So…Yesterday…And Onward?

  1. Ti says:

    So you were done and you has to do a couple more treatments? Better to be safe! I know it's so hard on you though but they are taking such good care of you and really making sure they've got this covered.


  2. Stefanie Ng says:

    Those are cute hats; I'm glad you found some to your liking. I like how those jelly beans are assorted. One could definitely get to her favorites in a flash and not have to touch everything either.


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    Jelly Bellies are highly addictive and taste like real stuff! Strawberry jam, cotton candy and about a hundred other flavors!

    Garden is so good! It's in Vine For All…I think in romance…


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