Conversations In Many Ways…

Yesterday was the most amazing day…it wasn’t special in any way…not an anniversary or a birthday or a festivus of any kind but it was special in the contacts I had with friends and family.

I talked to a friend who works with Den who has gone through what I am going through now. She is amazing and helpful and special and encouraging. Her faith helps me so much.

I talked to my sister because she knows it’s Neulasta Day but we mostly talked about The Black Witch because I know how much she will love it and she is the one who introduced me to fantasy and now we both love it. Oh…and Harlequin is going to use part of my review to advertise the book!

I talked to my sister in law Kathy because we haven’t talked in a while and she is funny and encouraging and she and my brother pray for me all of the time! We had the best chat about tons of things!

I talked to Nurses Debbie and Ronnie when I went to get my Neulasta Shot…they distract me so I don’t feel the shot and help me with my hypochondriac worries!

I talked to Den because I always talk to him incessantly and he always listens or rather he listens most of the time. And he always asks me what hurts…

I talked to my kitties because they are totally interested in everything I say as long as it comes with soft petting.

And I talked to my blogger buddies…who always are encouraging and helpful even when they are probably really tired of my neediness…I am sorry but I love and need you all!


Finished this…it was sooooo good!

Still reading this…sooooo good!

Reading this…sooooo good! Yep…another fantasy!

So…today is a rainy day…we don’t have to go anywhere and we are going to watch Amazing Race and perhaps a movie. Den has to zip out for chicken for dinner but that’s it. I feel good enough to cook and I am making my grandmother’s One Pan Chicken. It’s filled with carrots and potatoes and sweet onions…it’s so good! Den loves it. The best part is what my dad always did…when everything is out of the pan you rub a piece of good bread in the pan juices…it’s delicious! We fight for it! I let Den win!

Have an awesome weekend!

See you Monday with even more books!




15 thoughts on “Conversations In Many Ways…

  1. DMS says:

    Glad you had such a wonderful day and that you got to catch up with so many important people in your life. 🙂 That is awesome! You have so many people sending out good wishes for you and hoping that your health continues to improve. Sending you a big hug.

    Oh- and that is awesome that part of your review is going to be used on the book! Yeah!


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