The Draft…Dinner…And Books!

We had carry in pasta last night while watching the draft. I realized last night that my understanding of the draft is very different from Den’s. Also my participation in the draft did not bring me closer to Den but only reestablished our basic differences. While I thought I was asking key questions…I realized I was annoying him…in a huge way! He had a huge print out of names and was actually making notes for the fall…wow, Den!

My key questions ran along the lines of…

Why is that man carrying a baby?

Who hands them the right hat?

Who gets to sit on those big leather sofas?


Why don’t they let the draftees finish college! Duh!

So…I am over the draft and it should not ever be a national holiday.

Dinner last night…the simplest and closest Italian restaurant to us is called Giordano’s. The food is consistent and really good. I ordered the Tour Of Italy…which included Chicken Parmesan, manicotti in red sauce, and Fettucini Alfredo. There was enough of everything in my dinner to feed a family of four…at least. It is someone’s lunch today.

You also get a really yummy salad and tomato bread…oh my!


Not totally sure that I love this book ( sorry if I led you wrong, Ti ) but I cannot stop reading it. It’s transfixed me on what can happen if you don’t monitor your children. I read long into the night and will obsessively finish it soon. Mean teens, bullies, a total lack of empathy for those less fortunate…this book has it all. The cover makes it seem so sweet and innocent but it is anything but…and the drama doesn’t seem to ever end!

What I will most likely read over the weekend…I absolutely loved Eight Hundred Grapes.

Or maybe this one…


So…another quiet self imposed exile kind of weekend looms before us but that’s ok…I only really want quiet in my self imposed exile. And I am at the nadir of my Big Chemo treatment. Nurse Debbie…who understands my terrors probably more than I do…explained what nadir is and then I looked it up, too. It’s just my body at its lowest point about 10 days after treatment…and I think why I feel so tired and even weak for a period of time. It makes me scared but Nurse Debbie says it’s normal and it’s ok. I hate it when my platelets are low and when my bone marrow acts up. Stuff I never thought about when I had a normal life. Normal meaning body hair, going out, and not being so needy. I hate being needy!


I trust Nurse Debbie and Nurse Ronnie ultimately. Even when they are giving me that painful Neulasta Shot.

So…I am out of here until Monday!






10 thoughts on “The Draft…Dinner…And Books!

  1. Ti says:

    I'm so sorry that your energy is lagging (once again) but you certainly know your body now, don't you?

    That meal. I was salivating. I will admit it.

    The Party (book). I did request it but it's okay if you end up not liking it. From your description, it's EXACTLY what I expect when reading it. I work with teens and I have teens so it's always a good idea to be a step ahead of corruption.


  2. DMS says:

    I don't understand the draft either. I give you credit for trying. 🙂

    Your dinner sounds very yummy. Glad it is so close to your house and that they have to go food.

    The books look interesting. I wouldn't expect The Party to be filled with all the drama and meanness you mentioned!

    Have a great weekend. Sending healing vibes your way. 🙂


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