Monday’s Issues…

Issue # 1…

This was an interesting weekend…a number of appliances continue to begin their decline…in spite of all of the chanting we have done to the refrigerator gods…the refrigerator still refuses to make ice and now the shelves are sort of falling apart…Den is off to buy a new one. And…the microwave is making weird popping scary noises…Den is off to buy a new one of these, too. And…the dishwasher detergent cup won’t stay shut…so a new one of these is most likely in our future, too…sigh!

Issue # 2…

I bought the wrong Fitbit so Den is off to Tar-jay to return it because I already bought the right one…we both hate returns.

Issue # 3…

Our new leather furniture is making us crazy. Den freaks every time a cat jumps on it…he is keeping all of the blinds closed in the family room because of sun damage. I hate sitting in the family room. I used to love it. Roxie cries because she can’t see out onto the deck and pond. So…over the weekend we moved all of the leather stuff into the living room…we ruffle slipcovered our old furniture…we slipcover it in the summer anyway…and moved it all back into the family room…which is now back to its happy place!

In the fall we will get new fabric family room furniture…I will then own 5 sofas!

It would have been 6 but we gave one away to Habitat For Humanity…sigh!

My happy family room with its old furniture which I still love!

Issue # 4…

Roxie is at the vet all day. She is allergic to her rabies vaccine so she is being pretreated and watched all day to make sure she is ok…there have been two rabid raccoons in our area so it is really necessary that she get this shot. One raccoon broke into a house nearby and attacked a cat and two dogs…they barely survived. We know this because our vet is the one who saved them. So sad…Roxie is so small and we are so close to all wildlife…I would worry every moment. Actually I do worry every moment!

This brings me to the end of my issues…for now…

Fun stuff!

I am joyfully reading this…and…it’s summery and Nantucket-y and fun!

I found this amazing sort of Boho website over the weekend…filled with the kind of stuff I love!

I love shopping irresistible treasures! I love enjoying little things! I bought mugs and scarves and stickers! And a cool dress!

So…Lucy and I are the only ones at home while Den and Roxie are out and about. I think Lucy is enjoying some alone time. Or she doesn’t realize Roxie is gone…


11 thoughts on “Monday’s Issues…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Why do appliances all seem to “die” at around the same time? I am very afraid that my washer and dryer will go…since it has been ten years since I bought them (when I moved in here). So far, so good.

    The refrigerator belongs to the condo…and I wouldn't mind a new one, especially since I wouldn't have to buy it. But I see no signs that it will be replaced. Hmm.

    I am off to check out that Nancy Thayer book.


  2. Ti says:

    Wow, you can't catch a break! It will be so nice to have all new appliances though. And your new couches are lovely but that is the reason we won't do leather either. My dog does this nervous running in place thing when we leave for the day and if we had a leather couch it would not survive. As it is, she's worn out one armrest on the couch but she doesn't do it to damage anything, she just runs in place like a crazy dog.

    We re-seeded our huge yard which I think you knew about but the darn gophers have torn it up to the point where I am reading to call in the cement trucks.


  3. bermudaonion says:

    Ugh, it seems like all the appliances die at once, doesn't it? We had a leather chair once and didn't keep it long – it looked nice but we didn't love it like we thought we would.

    Our dog used to have issues with rabies shots too – good luck to sweet Roxie.


  4. Stefanie Ng says:

    That new frig you have in mind looks really cool. I have never owned a stainless steel frig. We were lucky to get the appliances in this house since the family had to move all the way to Chicago. Our only stainless steel appliance is our semi-new Bosch dishwasher. E installed it himself and figured out how to unclog it too. I hope Roxi recovers soon.


  5. Patty Magyar says:

    She is home now and has been crying…like a baby she just wants to be held…our dishwasher is a Bosch, too…we love it…it actually was white before we changed out our appliances the first time but you can buy a stainless steel replacement front from Bosch…so we did…I would never have any other kind of dishwasher other than a Bosch.


  6. Patty Magyar says:

    I ask myself why I didn't ask more questions about leather…why did I think it was indestructible…this stuff was expensive but we saw tiny little marks on it…from the girls…so sorry about your yard! Maybe it's time to do an echo yard?


  7. Stefanie Ng says:

    I will check out The Black Witch b/c of you. My husband has read that Bosch's can be sensitive. We make sure to close the door gently as ppl have reported it can break easily.


  8. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    We had a leather couch – for years and finally gave it away last summer when we did some redecorating. I kind of miss it but not the upkeep. It was comfy though. The book I'm reading now takes place on Nantucket! One of my favorite summer book settings. I hope Roxie will be good and Lucy will remain clueless 🙂


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