Finished this…as I said yesterday…I may be outgrowing beach books. Main character Darcy made me crazy in this book and not in a good way…she just cannot mind her own business plus she is annoying. Enough said! And she is way too needy…perhaps not enough said.

Reading this…so far so good…at least these characters are dysfunctional but not annoying…yet.

Yesterday I baked bread. The one I made is from Food 52. You don’t knead it or even touch it other than with 2 forks. It bakes in cute round pans and makes the best toast. It even has variations…thanks to the ingenuity of Alexandra Stafford…its creator. I am excited to try the variations. This bread took minutes to put together and baked perfectly.


I made Marcella Hazan’s pasta sauce yesterday, too. Another classic that just simmers for hours on the stove and uses a whole sweet onion that you toss at the end of the simmering…a can of plum tomatoes and butter. Yep…butter! The sauce is light and so good!

Especially with my favorite pasta of all time…I especially love the giant rigatoni.

So…this week…

This week involves a visiting nurse visit…done…blood test today…not done yet…and a scary cat scan tomorrow…freaking out soon about that.

I don’t even remember when I looked like this…so sad. And it wasn’t even that long ago…really sad.

Now I have scars and I wonder about how my eyelashes will grow back…all at one time? One at a time? Evenly? Sigh…

Now that I have totally depressed myself…have a great day!





19 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    I hope your current book's characters don't start down that annoying road. And the bread! I need to try that. And Marcella Hazan *sigh*. I still have one of her books that was a wedding gift. Sending good thoughts for the scan (hugs too).


  2. Ti says:

    Maybe given what you've been through, the beach reads are too light for you. I know that sounds weird to say but it looks like you need some more substantial reads to occupy your brain.

    I know the hair thing brings you down but one day, one day in the near future, you will have hair again. Did you ever follow that blogger I told you about? Her hair is all grown back! She looks lovely and you are lovely too, hair or not. Longest run-on sentence but I don't care. LOL.


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    I did…and I know it will…the hair thing…but sometimes it's hard to stay happy…I try but cat scan days bring me down…it's the reality of everything…I think…


  4. Stefanie Ng says:

    That sounds yummy. You give me too much credit, lady. I am unorganized. I have many alarms on my phone to remind me who I have to pick up first and when to get out of the car.


  5. Janet says:

    Patty, if you haven't read “What Alice Forgot”, please do so, right away! You'll love it. That bread looks so good. I'm making a family birthday party for my sister tomorrow night, and I'm going to bake bread… and make broccoli cheddar soup, and a big green salad… and a special brownie recipe that she requested instead of cake for which I spent $9+ on the chocolate alone!


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