Den and I will be making Mexican food today.

We are making these…mine will only have a teeny bit of tequila in it…a nice calming amount since I believe I have made Den just a bit crazy this week with my sort of non stop barrage of fears and worries and what if’s. Den can have as much as he wants in his! Whew!

We are making these! They are unstructured no fuss enchiladas from Food 52. Corn tortillas are layered with enchilada sauce and poached chicken and cheeses…yummy! We have avocados and other yummy stuff, too!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Loving this hauntingly good book…it’s filled with sisters of all kinds!

Before I say “buh bye” I have to share Lucy and Roxie’s kitnip box…it is actually Roxie’s because she was so good with Bea Our Beloved Vet this week for her rabies shot…but Lucy wanted it too and sweet Roxie shared…

I am off to poach me some chicken for our no fuss enchiladas!






10 thoughts on “Traditionally…

  1. bermudaonion says:

    We were going to eat Mexican early this afternoon and the restaurant was packed so we decided not to. We should have come to your house instead! I did eat chips and salsa and drank a beer aged in tequila barrels – does that count?


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