Still The Five Of Us!

Our guest is still living with us! Rob…our friend and small animal expert…has told us that our guest is very scared and will only come out at night and that Den and I need to be very very patient…we have a safe trap, oranges, peanut butter, wine, caviar, candles, soft music…we are doing anything and everything we can to entice him out. Den is freaking out…I am just trying to stay calm. As I write Den is planning a trip up into the attic. I am imagining a crazed squirrel attacking him and then getting to me and Lucy and Roxie!

Currently reading…it’s absolutely fascinating…


Now Den is freaking out even more because the guest chewed up the wood around the basement window!

Will this ever end?

My day will be in turmoil…




14 thoughts on “Still The Five Of Us!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Wine, caviar, and soft music…for the squirrel? Or for you. LOL.

    At least he is somewhat cute. When I lived in the foothills, I had a bat in the house…twice! My youngest son was living next door in my guest house, so thankfully, he caught it in a blanket and then carried it outside.

    Luckily we were able to close the door of the room it was in…as in an A-frame with high ceilings, it would have been impossible.

    Good luck!

    Persons Unknown was one I loved, too, and the previous one, Missing, Presumed.


  2. DMS says:

    Sounds like your guest is a little hungry. 🙂 Hope all goes well and that you he is able to vacate the property soon. Good luck! Your book has an awesome cover.


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