Last night our little squirrel friend walked himself into one of the safe traps…he spent the night there eating oranges and peanut butter. Today he is going to his new home. We are left with a chewed up window frame that Den has to figure out how to mend and we also have a less trustful attitude about the roofers who said our house was airtight. No animals could get in…ha!

And again…my kitties are totally oblivious to any weird animal noise…you would think that they would sense something but neither one of them do. Roxie just skips along and wants to play and Lucy just sleeps through everything.

The one thing that came out of all this is total chaos in our house since Monday…lots of vacuuming and climbing into attics and Den says the basement is a mess from the squirrel…yep…the basement we’ve been trying to organize all year long…has chewed up stuff everywhere. And today our phone lines…land lines…don’t work…everything else works but the phones say no lines…yet one more annoying thing to deal with. I am supposed to be resting! Getting strong! No stress! Ha!

Books…loving this. I don’t quite know how I missed the first one!

I am kind of meandering through all of these books at the same time…so unlike me.



It shocks me because I am a quarter of the way through each one!

I want a fig tree. Not sure why…

I want this…yum!


I want a creamy rice and chicken dinner…mmmmm!


I want these…my new love this year is Antrhopopgie! And today everything is 20% off!

Ok…off to read and relax…try to figure out what I am actually reading instead of being all over the place.

Have an awesome weekend…see you on Monday!




16 thoughts on “Caught!

  1. lakesidemusing says:

    I've just been reading your last few posts and am glad that squirrel finally wandered into the trap! Hard to believe one little critter could wreak so much havoc everywhere!! Hope you and Den (and the girls!) have good weekend.


  2. Stefanie Ng says:

    Glad that rodent is out of your home; sorry he caused so much damage. Damn. Have fun shopping online. Oh boy do I need a cast iron skillet; I've seen pizza, nachos, and desserts made in that. I never knew those could be done in there.


  3. Ti says:

    Yep! I told you! Squirrels are so destructive and I was told by someone that wiring is encased in a soy based material so it's often appetizing to critters. I am glad he/she was caught. The window frame… maybe some wood putty, a good sanding and paint would fix it up.


  4. bermudaonion says:

    I'm glad you caught that squirrel – the one we had in our attic in Charlotte chewed up all kinds of stuff too.

    My new love this year is Tommy Bahama – Anthropologie is so much classier.


  5. Paging Through Books says:

    Glad he's caught finally! But I wonder if he chewed your phone lines somewhere? We had a squirrel once chew on our hammock ropes (in a very sneaky and slow way) so that one day it looked okay… but the next my mom sat in it… and fell to the ground on her bottom (ropes were badly frayed). We laughed so hard– she did not 🙂

    Have a great weekend, rest up, read a stack of books, and let Den handle the wildlife patrol and clean-up!


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