Way Too Excited!

Intense…really intense reading finally allowed me to finish this book…it was so good and yet way too complicated but I had to finish it. You wouldn’t believe me if I tried to tell you what Elanna could do…with stones and rocks and dirt!

I doubt if I have enough energy to read a sequel…whatever happened to vampires? Likeable vamps? I want them back!

So…up next…who knows…but I need a break from intensity and seriousness in fantasy. Here are some potential choices!


It is so dark and dreary here…it could rain for days!

We are engrossed in a new Prime Suspect and Broadchurch and Season 2 of Bosch…soooo good!




8 thoughts on “Way Too Excited!

  1. Ti says:

    Sounds like you had a good time reading that one. I just finished a book. It has taken me so long to finish a short book. It was good but I am having trouble focusing. Last night the pup was not feeling well and kept me up all night. Then my son was not feeling well. He came home from seeing The Book of Mormon and his girlfriend texted me to tell me he wasn't well. I went in to see him and he had a fever. Maybe a touch of something. Today he is at work and exhausted but no fever. Weird! Anyway, I am exhausted and I have book club tonight.


  2. Stefanie Ng says:

    I love how they designed The Waking Land's cover. It's like what I did with my stencils where I distressed one and then layered another right on top so it would show in the first stencil (learned from Jennifer Weiner's Youtube channel).


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