A Day Trip!

Today I ventured out to get my nails done! But My…my nail tech…makes me feel very safe. I almost went out to lunch with Den, too, but at the last minute I decided not to. I am just not ready…if my hair grew in just a little bit more…I think I would feel more at ease. But right now I just don’t! However my nails have been magnetized! There is a swirl across each nail that My put in with a little magnet. Can you see it?


I finished my second Hamptons book and even though I tried not to…I could not resist the third one…so that’s what I am reading now.

One sweeet little thing that occurs in each of these books when you are almost at the end is this little note…I love it!

So…off to read and relax!




12 thoughts on “A Day Trip!

  1. Ti says:

    I can't see the swirl on the nails but I love the color. I love the length too. I am not a long, long nail person. I have a hair appointment tonight but my hair is fried. Just going to get a trim. Something is off with my nutrition again. Probably low iron. So my friend, I have hair but it's like a broomstick. Hopefully she can deep condition it or something.


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