Interesting Facts…Sort Of?

This week involved reading sweet books. The Hampton Mystery Books are sweet…well…other than a few off color words and one or two sort of innocent sexy situations but we have to give Antonia a break! Plus she needs a little non sleuthing action in her life. And…she eats way too many cookies and scones. She needs exercise!


The Vanderbeekers are sweet…OMG…I am loving this book. The author is Karina Yan Glaser and in addition to being an author she contributes to Book Riot. This book is appealing for so many reasons. There are five Vanderbeeker children…their family is biracial…there are 4 girls…Isa and her twin Jessie, Hyacinth and Laney and Oliver…the only boy. Their landlord…whom they have never seen and who lives on the top floor of their brownhouse…won’t renew their lease. So they are trying to come up with a multitude of plans that will change his mind.

There are sketches explaining all kinds of things throughout the book. The Vanderbeeker kids love their house and their block. They bake cookies for the postman to give to the dogs on his route! See what I mean by sweet? Plus they can be crabby and irritating and annoying like every other kid. Not so sweet when they are yelling at each other but very readable…

I love this book!

This book would have been a lovely read aloud in my classroom…just after lunch and recess.

Our area is sort of abuzz this week by an awful crime committed in a lovely area called New Hope. It’s a town filled with shops and inns and restaurants. And 4 young men have been missing since last Wednesday. It’s even made national news. Den is back volunteering today…the girls and I are going to binge watch more Poirot just because I love seeing his plastic mustache!

So that’s it…I made healthy bowls for dinner and a quick blueberry oatmeal bread. We had pasta one night but for me pasta is a healthy bowl.

We had takeaway from a new restaurant and it was delicious…fresh poached tuna salads and gazpacho and sardine toasts…so yummy!


That’s it!

See you on Monday!




11 thoughts on “Interesting Facts…Sort Of?

  1. Stefanie Ng says:

    I just read about New Hope on Google; how horrifying. I feel for their families. Glad you're having a good, relaxing day. My girls are outside playing with the neighbor and I just ate a vegan doughnut from Whole Foods; I wanted to see what vegan was like; I can't tell the difference between that doughnut and a regular one, honestly.


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