Just one more time before I put this book to rest…I loved this book. It should be a classic! It’s sweet and funny and special and filled with baked goods. The Beiderman is so scary and yet so lovable! The Beiderman is the landlord who wants to evict the Vanderbeekers just after Christmas. This is such a special book! It will make you laugh and make you cry!

Ho Hum…

Not a fan of this one…at all. I was right not to like these friends or their conversations.

Loving this but it takes place in Maine and I love Maine. Wild beaches and lobster stew and Red’s Lobster Rolls! And fiddlehead ferns and blueberry cobbler and Street And Company…my fave restaurant ever! None of this is actually in the book but I got really excited about Maine!

Red’s doesn’t look like much but it’s the best lobster roll ever. I think we waited in line for hours the last time we were there.
This one is in Portland, Maine…and it’s so wonderful!

So…I walked nonstop on my treadmill today for 23 minutes! Remember when 5 minutes did me in? I can feel all of those virtual hugs!

Thank you!

Hugs back!




14 thoughts on “Books…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, so true! Sometimes the funkiest looking places have the best food. There is a hotdog place in a nearby mall that looks sort of like Red's. The hotdogs there are awesome!

    Enjoy your books and your growing strength!


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