A Home For My Books!

Just as Den and I were getting ready to trash all of my teacher stuff…magazines, books, etc…I mean we were calling the trash boys today…our neighbor Jane gave us a solution! We are still organizing the basement but we were were at a standstill because there were boxes of neatly packed books in our path. We couldn’t start on another section of the basement because we had nowhere to move anything. The part of the basement that is done is beautiful to our eyes and only makes us want to do more…sort of. But not every day…it’s more of a “want to work on the basement today or watch Harry Bosch” kind of thing.

Anyway…back to the solution…I get so easily distracted.

There is a used bookstore in town that will take them all. I think they even have a teacher book sale and anything they can’t use they will give away or recycle. Plus all profits go to the senior center. This stuff is the kind of stuff that I should have given away when I stopped teaching but regretfully I was too attached to it…now I just want it gone. Teachers buy so much stuff on their own and I could not resist books…ever!

Den has been on this street 3 times today!


Jane is the person that knows what to do with everything!

Thank you, Jane!

Boxes prior to three trips into town!


Still reading my Yummy Maine book…

My sister and I are in an odd discussion about the books below. We both read fantasies…and we can not remember if we read this book! She swears she read it with this cover. If she read it…it probably came from me. However…I don’t have a Goodreads record of reading it with either cover. This is “critical” because I just got the second one and I don’t want to read it without reading the first one! So the result of all this is that I just bought the first one from Amazon. I don’t remember it but I sort of remember it? How can that be?

So I most likely won’t remember if I read it or not until I start it and it finally hits me that I read this book!
I hate when that happens!

This is the next one in this series and the one I can’t read until I finish figuring out if I read the first one.

Why does it sound so familiar?

Waiting for Den to return from his final book run!




8 thoughts on “A Home For My Books!

  1. Ti says:

    WE have a bookstore open up right by me and it's a used bookshop too!! They are hosting a Harry Potter party there soon and I plan to go. They also have open mic night on Fridays where people read their poetry, sing songs or read their short stories. It's quite lovely actually. Like the one you found!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love the look of that bookshop! It reminds me of the kind of shops in books and movies…shops you want to browse in and curl up in…

    I'm curious about The Captain's Daughter. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  3. Stefanie Ng says:

    I have that book on my TBR. I'll be interested in your two cents on it. How awesome this bookstore benefits a senior center. That is amazing how they have the funding to do something like that. Teachers are always poking around I think and I love how our local bookstore gives teachers a discount. I remember those days. I gave my stuff to the teacher who took over my room when I had officially resigned; she is the parent of one of my students back in the day; I had her second son and she had changed occupations because she couldn't see herself standing all day in a kitchen as a chef anymore.


  4. Patty Magyar says:

    I can't tell you how hard it was to part with my teacher treasures…I mostly taught second grade so I had the best fun units! I left a ton of stuff there but this stuff was special…to me anyway…but now it's gone and I feel great about it.


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