Just A Tiny Bit Achy…

Poor Den…he really did carry tons of heavy book boxes yesterday. As he was telling me last night…as he was taking an Aleve or two…not only did he have to carry them up a flight of stairs but he had to lift them into the car and then out of the car again. Three times! But we have a lovely empty big space in the basement. We need a spot for the next round of organizing.

Love love love this book…


Want want want this sandwich…it’s a loaded Caprese Grilled Cheese from Pinch Of Yum. It even has pesto on it…and some saucy tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on sourdough! Oh my!

Have you seen these shoes? I think they are made out of recycled water bottles but they are supposed to fit so smoothly that blisters are an impossible outcome. I am always looking for that one comfy pair of flats that can be tossed on with anything. Is this it? Rothy’s @ $125.00 a pair. They have pointy toed ones, too. And tons of colors and patterns.



Off to read my book and sit with my kitties! Den is off shopping so the girls and I are reading in our room while he is gone…Roxie is in my spot sleeping…Lucy is wandering and I am watching Real Housewives Of New York while I read but the screaming is so loud it’s distracting me.





10 thoughts on “Just A Tiny Bit Achy…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I don't often wear flats…mine always have a slight wedge heel, but not much of one.

    I am curious about The Captain's Daughter…and that sandwich looks so tempting.

    I can relate to the lifting of the boxes…my last book purge had me loading up my car, but then asking for help at the other end, which was usually the library.

    I haven't done a purge in more than a year…maybe longer. Is it time?


  2. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    My feet have changed so much the past couple of years that I'd have to try them on and then probably buy inserts for comfort, ha. Glad to hear you're enjoying The Captain's Daughter. I did too.


  3. Stefanie Ng says:

    I haven't worn flats for ages! I used to be such a flat girl. I have this pair of Old Navy flats that I have yet to wear. How sad and I. Those flats look comfy. Do you know anyone who has tried Tieks? I see their ad all over Pinterest.


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