Life And Garage Doors!

What is it with doors in our house? We are in the process of replacing the entire French Door section of our sunroom. That’s literally the French Door and the ceiling to floor windows on either side of the French Doors. And the garage doors…Den has been getting quotes all week. He really wants wooden garage doors with windows but all of the doors, trims and shutters on our house are hunter green. The garage doors face the side but I don’t think wooden ones make sense. We are still “pleasantly” debating this issue before the money dumping begins! Yikes!

Any opinions? Hunter green or wood? White is an option, too, that keeps coming up but our house is all Pennsylvania Fieldstone in the front with these Hunter Green shutters…the front door and garage doors have always been green…and rethinking to wood or white? Not sure…but…the garage faces to the side.

I am getting tired of this.


Loving this except when the meanest witch turns into an evil ugly bird and carries off Minx…I loved Minx! This was just not fair.

Loving this but I think I overdid it on three in a row…innkeeper Antonia is starting to annoy me a teensy weensy bit…all of a sudden she is a PI…rather than accidentally solving every murder in the Hamptons.

Really getting into this…more about it soon…

Off to walk…I am up to 25 minutes plus yesterday I cleaned out the guest room that we call Paula’s room…named after my sister. Black pants, sweaters, pajama pants, cotton tops, dresses, workout clothes…4 huge black construction bags filled…I can’t wait to donate them. I don’t know why I kept them and I feel so much lighter with them packed up and gone.




14 thoughts on “Life And Garage Doors!

  1. Ti says:

    With all that hunter green, I'd go with white. You need something to lighten it up. Wood, would be okay if you could stain it a dark brown I think. But do you want dark? Seems like a year for light.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, wow, is it The Year of the Doors for you?

    I love Hunter Green…in fact, my interiors were Hunter Green and Burgundy at my foothill house. Then I painted the outside a sage green…and got pastel window dressings indoors.

    Have fun picking…and hope that this will be the end of the doors issues!


  3. Stefanie Ng says:

    You are doing so well. I have no clue about the garage door. See if you can Google something that would give you an idea of how'd it look with wood and green shutters. Houzz app is good for that also.


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