More Doors…And Book Stuff, Too!

Yep…we are still talking about doors…garage doors…these garage doors…here they are from all angles. Google research says that garage doors should not be a contrasting color but that’s if they face front…Den has always made sure that all of our houses have garages that face…not front. I guess they face the side? The garage sellers are telling us that white is a better option but I am just not sure. I think I still love these green doors. I think the new ones will have windows. It’s so sad that these are broken and we have to decide all of this stuff.

Here is the front of our house…and I still love the shutter colors as well as the door…so we have no clue what to do…yet. But I continue to think that white will just be so blah?


We will decide by Monday. For sure. I think.

All finished with my fantasy and my cozy mystery…reviews written! Yes!

Reading these…

Off to look at the garage…again!




12 thoughts on “More Doors…And Book Stuff, Too!

  1. Ti says:

    You could pick a color from your roof tile and go with that color. Like a tan? I think white would look crisp and you have white in the front pillars too.


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