The Week’s End!

I absolutely love all of the thoughts everyone gave me about our garage door. Everyone’s thoughts really helped! We think we know what we are going to do.

It won’t happen for 5 to 6 weeks…that’s the time frame to get new doors installed!

Who knew?

Loving this book…it’s one of thos books with highly addictive writing. I am hooked on every word.

I want to make these over the weekend!

Yum! All recipes are from The Kitchn.

Key Lime Pie!

Sheet Pan Grilled Cheese!
Farmers’ Market Frittata!

I walked outside today! Just down our block and up again but it felt like a reasonable workout. Plus I could wear a baseball cap and tiny bits of furry hair stuck out in the back. I yearn for normal…I crave it. I still kind of cry for it every day. Sigh! Plus I almost went to Trader Joe’s today but then I changed my mind…I guess I am not ready yet.

Have an awesome weekend! See you on Monday!






14 thoughts on “The Week’s End!

  1. Stefanie Ng says:

    The frittata looks good; I do love eggs which reminds me I need to use up the eggs in the frig. I had bought a 5 dozen pack at Costco especially b/c the little one loves eggs but now she's into plain, sourdough toast.


  2. Stefanie Ng says:

    Thank you for that tip. Is it better to cook a frittata in a cast iron pan? I need one of those; I keep forgetting. I've seen yummy nacho and even dessert recipes done in a cis.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one (•᷉ुε ू•᷈,) who gets all stressed out when company is coming over. Yeah, I'm a perfectionist too. I wouldn't be as stressed if my aunt and uncle weren't coming. My grandmother I'm not too worried about b/c she can't see well, LOL.


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