This Week’s Books Plus A Close Call!

These are what I hope to read this week…if I can calm down enough after our kitty scare from yesterday.

On my Kindle is this…and I am half of the way into it. It’s kind of like a comedy of errors except there is no comedy. A British family is in quarantine when their doctor daughter comes home from Liberia after treating people with Haag disease…in the book it’s a highly contagious disease but I have googled it and wikapediaed it and it’s a made up disease based on a real disease…I think. Anyway…the Birch’s are stuck together for a week at Christmas but a ton of outside influences are affecting their quarantine. I originally thought this book would be funny…no clue why…but it’s just really intensely good.

So the kitty scare was with my sweet Lucy…our elder kitty. Both of our kitties are Tonkinese and that’s a breed that is extremely social. They love people. We have taken Lucy on car trips with us lots of times. If we could walk with her in her stroller we would bring her with us. Farmers’ markets, shops, galleries and pet stores were her faves…heeheehee. But that was a while ago…she is fragile and more delicate now…sometimes sweet but often cranky. She is still devoted to her family.

Yesterday afternoon she was not acting normally. She wasn’t eating or drinking or even moving. We isolated her last night…it was painful but we had to and Den was at the vet at 8:00 this morning. She has had fluids and meds and the vet said…not yet. She thinks perhaps a virus…an illness of some sort. So…she is home and we are on guard…and sort of waiting. And of course Roxie sat outside of Lucy’s room last night…softly crying for her…all of us had a rough night last night. Both kitties have been sleeping all day. Lucy has a way of looking directly into our eyes. When we talk to her…she appears to listen. Roxie is more of a squirmer…she does not look into our eyes the way Lucy does. They say if your cat stares at you and blinks it means they are saying I love you…Lucy says it all of the time.

Roxie is now watching over her…

Today was a long day…




16 thoughts on “This Week’s Books Plus A Close Call!

  1. Ti says:

    Lucy will be fine. Cats have off days too. She just needs to rest a bit. I know she rests all the time but you know what I mean. More than usual.


  2. June says:

    I've downloaded pictures of Lucy in the past because I enjoy looking at her sweet face and awesome outfits, now I'm really going to do it! This situation is making me feel sad and a little sick inside, but we have to remember the Lord is in charge of all things. Praying for the strength of you all…♡


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