We Are Still "The Four Of Us"…

It’s so sweet and so sad and so bittersweet…my little family has been through so much this year. We have survived and thrived because of family and friends and neighbors. We have survived because of our doctors and nurses. We have survived because we worked through the angst and the suffering. Sometimes I think I survived because Den dragged me through it all! People have shown us extreme kindnesses that I can only hope to repay by helping others…and I will! So everyday when I wake up I pray and I ask for help to get through the day. I have to accept Den’s strength and upbeat spirit…I have to focus on Roxie so that she doesn’t feel left out because of all that is going on with Lucy, and I have to accept each day that we perceive Lucy is without pain, eating and happy. I have to be thankful and I am…I will be thankful always!

This is us.


Loving this one so much…it’s different, stronger, still beachy but more relevant? I don’t really know…it’s just good.


Want to read these next…this is the first of three in a series plus this author wrote the Galloway series which I loved!


Boarding school, magic and goth stuff…thanks Edelweiss! I love books like this.


This is a book full of secrets! Thank you, Edelweiss!
There was a full page write up about this book in the NYT Book Review yesterday…thank you Edelweiss!

We are going to be rained on all day long today!




14 thoughts on “We Are Still "The Four Of Us"…

  1. DMS says:

    Glad you and your family are enjoying every minute with each other. 🙂

    I read The Identicals too. It was a fun mix of beachy and stuff to think about. Plus, I love reading about Nantucket. 🙂


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