My day started with the perfect banana…not too ripe and not too firm.

Then a chat with myself for everything I need to be thankful for.

Then my usual walk outside that is becoming way too short. I used to only want to walk on my treadmill but now I would much rather be outside. Lately I dream about walking on trails and carrying a Kind Bar in my pocket…or Den’s pocket. I like to be unencumbered.


It’s this one…


It’s this one.

Summer Tomato and Tuna Salad from The View From Great Island.



It’s this one.




8 thoughts on “Today…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I have pre-ordered A Stranger in the House, and that salad reminds me of the one I had at lunch today…and I forgot to photograph it! When I'm with others, I tend to forget about taking photos…LOL. Except I did take one of Heather and Noah. And of my martini, before they got there.

    I am glad you are looking ahead to your hikes! Enjoy!


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    What is it about the perfect tomato and tuna? We use an Italian tuna in olive oil that I can't resist…even the kitties love bites of that tuna! Sounds as though you had a fun birthday lunch!


  3. Ti says:

    Yay for walking outside. I need a pic of you walking with a Kind bar in your pocket. That visual makes me smile.

    Tuna and tomatoes just go so well together. There is this one ancient diner type restaurant with my fave server, Connie, who gives me a large tuna salad with extra tomatoes and extra homemade ranch. It's so good. Hard boiled eggs too. Yum. I have a sandwich wrap for lunch but now I wish I had tuna. My kids hate tuna salad. Won't even try it. I feel like they are missing out on youth.


  4. Patty Magyar says:

    Yes to all of your tuna descriptives…I love tuna salad. Have you ever tried the Italian tuna that comes in a jar? OMGosh! As soon as I have more hair…I will take a photo! There is something in my soul that needs to walk outside…it frees me and makes me feel well!


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