Life, Books, And Dinner!

The weather here has been awesome. I have been walking my block daily. It might sound easy but it’s one of those streets that goes up and down and by the time I get back to my house…I am exhausted. I continue to forget to wear my Fitbit so I have no clue how many steps I am taking BUT I know I need to start to walk it twice. I know it’s just my street but it’s sort of spiritual for me. I know I mentioned that I now love walking outside. Pretty soon…reasonably soon…we will find this trail that has people around here excited…my exile is most def coming to an end!

I can now wear baseball caps and not look ridiculous. So now I am wearing them everywhere. And my hair is really growing in but weirdly…curly wavy spiky black gray…but GROWING!

Books…reading these…both incredibly intense fantasies. I am in the mood for fantasy!

A fantasy Of Witches and Fae and Humans and Boys with Witch Blood.
A fantasy of a librarian…Irene…and a really yummy handsome partner…Kai…who can turn into a dragon. Irene the librarian has a crush on him!

Just got this but I want to read it now!

Who doesn’t love a good scandal?


A French Onion Frittata.

Italian Chicken Salad.

Chicken and Zucchini.

Goat cheese and bacon vinaigrette open sammies with local tomatoes. I think I am making these for lunch.

I think that these are all from The Kitchn…


Sometimes they need each other.




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