The Week’s End…

Yesterday was such a wondrously normal day. My baseball cap is my new armor! While wearing it I feel normal, strong, healthy! There is even a bit of wavy dark hair that peeks out of the back. I am almost brave enough to not wear a hat in the house in front of Den and the kitties…almost! I am so tired of hats 24/7. I truly am.


Still lost in my worlds of fantasy this week…I love both of these books…


Perhaps this one will be next…

This felt like such an ordinary week…lots of walks, lots of books, lots of cooking, lots of kitties…lots of TV…but I love TV!

We did take a drive to find a trail walk/bike path that was supposed to be only 13 miles away…we thought it could possibly be a reason to get bikes and give us a new place to walk but the traffic was so annoying that it quickly vanished from our thoughts…it’s so frustrating to have to drive somewhere to walk or bike!

Off to watch Sharknado…OMG…it is too ridiculous.

See you Monday!




6 thoughts on “The Week’s End…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I thought your hair might come in curly or wavy! What fun! And hats are cute, unless you have to wear one and feel constrained by the necessity.

    I am curious about All the Little Children. I saw that one in a NetGalley e-mail…but I didn't request it, mainly because my schedule is crammed with review books.

    Maybe later. Enjoy your weekend. I saw The Glass Castle today…and LOVED it!


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    Glad you loved Glass Castle…if you are Amazon Prime All The Little Children is free. I read a review of it on that said she was an author to watch…that always gets me!


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