Monday’s Special Book…

I was asked to read a rather unusual book…for me…anyway.

It’s this one…


It’s a sweetly sad book written by Elisabeth Voltz about her life growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania. It’s a beautiful book but as you can imagine…it’s incredibly sad. I didn’t actually think I could read it but once I started I was able to. And…the sadness wasn’t as sad I thought it would be. It was sad but I could bear it.

It was as though I was reading lots of individual stories.

Small Boxes is the first chapter and tells how smaller animals were buried…in shoe boxes lined with fabric or pages from wallpaper books.


The back of the book best described Wolf Creek to me.


Other books in the mail…

the first three from Amazon Vine…the last one I think from the publisher…

Do you ever think you have way too many books?





14 thoughts on “Monday’s Special Book…

  1. June says:

    Shoebox Funeral…what an unusual concept. I remember my cousin and I burying a monarch butterfly in a animal cracker box and having a funeral. That's the closest I've come to a shoebox funeral…lol…I've been running about the last few days and a picture of Lucy just showed up on my iPad slideshow, so I figured I'd better check on the status of things. Glad you guys are all hanging tough. That's an incredible amount of books and they look so good…Love you,guys…♡♡♡


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I was looking at Vine earlier and saw The Wife Between Us…I thought about requesting it…but didn't. Primarily because I do have a lot of books! Thanks for sharing…and that first book has beautiful illustrations.


  3. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    Thanks for including the photos of Shoebox Funeral – it's lovely.
    Yes, I have too many books (dream come true???). Still, The Wife Between Us has been tempting me lately. If it shows up in my mailbox I'll be a little thrilled 🙂


  4. DMS says:

    Shoebox Funeral looks like a beautiful book. I loved seeing the pictures. Glad it wasn't sad to the point you couldn't read it.

    Lots of great things in your mailbox too. 🙂



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