A Plethora Of Plans!

So…we had to skip our walk this morning because workers are swarming our house! The brand new air conditioner needs a repair…they are at fault and paying for a huge repair bill. And our bug guy is coming to patch potential squirrel ports of entry and apparently mice have access to our house, too! Yuck!

We were going to go out to lunch today…my second outing in my baseball cap…but everyone is coming at lunch time. We still might go to a late lunch. Or not…to be determined.

I am thinking of making a single jar of jam today! The Kitchn had a post about what to do with leftover too ripe fruit. The author was sick of tossing fruit in the trash. I am really leery of too ripe fruit. I don’t like to buy more than three of anything at a time. Den has a huge soft spot for peaches and that is what is overripe in the fruit bowl right now. All that’s needed for this jam is sugar and lemon and a jar. I have all three. We have already tossed out a huge local cantaloupe, a plum , one peach and some watermelon…not my purchases. The cantaloupe was mush…the watermelon way too much for two people and the peach…not sure what happened to that…the plum was wrinkled and scary. But I bit it and it tasted delicious. I could not get past the wrinkles, though, and tossed it.

When I was teaching one of my co workers always brought fruit in her lunch. This was in September when fruit was abundant. The fruit looked really over ripe to me but she swore it was amazing. I still can’t get past fruit wrinkles! I have to catch fruit at just the right point in its short fruity life. Bananas destroy me…I only like them at their first ripening point…not a minute past that. I actually like them better more under ripe. So every time I see overly ripened fruit…I think of my teacher friend!

A very scary banana…Den always grabs these, peels them and freezes them for smoothies!


Again…I am reading nothing I said I would read except this…this book is very strange yet very mesmerizing. It takes place in Montenegro…which is near tons of Slavic countries. Thank God I am reading it on my Kindle because I need to look up tons of places as well as foods because it’s so interestingly strange. The magic of Iris and her twin Malina has been hidden for all of their lives. Malina sings polyphonically…in many voices…and Iris blows unbelievable glass flowers. Their mother is attacked and they have to find out what happened. It is a beautiful (kind of scary) hypnotic story.

I am setting myself free of a few things and not having a bookish plan after this book. I am going to do what I used to do…think about the book I just read for a while…take some time…and then choose my next book. I have tons of new books to choose from! I am not sure how I got so many at one time! But I did! More on that next week!

Off to watch college ball with Den and make Taco Soup! It is chilly and rainy here today but it feels so good. We have on long sleeves with shorts…my favorite combo.

So…have an awesome week end…see you on Monday!



8 thoughts on “A Plethora Of Plans!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Imagine buying fruit for one! My bananas always go dark, so I am down to buying two at a time. Luckily there are shops around the corner.

    Enjoy your weekend! I hope they stop all the creatures from coming inside.


  2. June says:

    I admit to tackling “wrinkled” fruit…lol…my husband complains I eat too many things after their “due date”, but I hate to waste stuff! I don't like over ripe bananas, though. They never taste good. Yuck. And unfortunately, I'm not into baking or I could through them into a banana bread.I guess I'll have to bake vicariously through you, Patty. Maybe some day… 🙂


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