Happy Monday!

It’s 2:10 in the afternoon and Den and the “girls” are napping. I am reading and resting but I don’t really like napping. Den seems to need them…but I would rather sleep all night than nap in the day. I like quiet time. Quiet time is good! I can get a lot done while the other three take their naps.

Elderly Lucy seems to want to meow more and in a really loud manner. Much younger Roxie is obsessed with closet doors. Every shut door is a door that needs to be opened for her. She especially loves our closet door and all the fun stuff inside. She also loves the closet door in the bedroom at the end of the hall. When I open it for her she almost seems to gasp in wonder and amazement. Den…well…there is much going on in the world that grabs Den’s attention. Now that it’s football season he can be very loud. He doesn’t watch any game quietly.

This is why I love when they are all sleeping. It’s peaceful. It’s quiet.

It’s lovely!


Reading this…yes…another fantasy. This one is supposed to be a sort of “reimagining” of Snow White. Two young girls who aren’t really girls are rivals in this book. It’s oddly addictive but for some reason I get weird over books that I start in the middle of the night…that was the case with this one last night. This one is from NetGalley.

I think I might read these this week…

This week is kind of busy as my life gets more and more normal. We shopped at Whole Foods/Amazon today…I have a manicure and pedicure tomorrow…Den is going to play golf on Wednesday for the first time in a year…we are driving to our Skippack hair stylist on Friday…the hour long trek we used to take every 6 weeks. Den is getting his hair cut…I am nowhere near needing a haircut and color is out of the question for a long time. But I will ride along and visit with our stylist…in my baseball cap!




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