Friday Fun…

We just came in from a road trip with my sister Paula! We went to a yarn shop in Lancaster and then out to lunch. My sister Paula loves yarn shops! She loves to knit. The yarn shop we went to had different kinds of locally dyed yarns. My sister and I are alike in certain ways and not alike in certain ways. We always need to buy things in threes…when we like something we become OBSESSED about it. She is in the family room knitting with her new yarn. I am in shock because she paid $35.00 for one skein of yarn and she needed 4 skeins…she is into knitting shawls and wraps on tiny little needles. Right now she is sitting next to me on the sofa…counting and clicking away! When we were in the yarn shop it was as though she and the proprietor were talking an entirely different language…the language of yarn! I had no clue what they were talking about.

Tomorrow will be a day of college football. We will walk in the morning and watch football for the rest of the day…and we will eat! My sister brought so much food…carnitas and sauce and stuff for tiny little sandwiches. It is so amazing to have her here…I really did need to see her!

We are kind of wiped out after our morning…everyone is in their own little spot resting…or knitting.


I started the first Miss Seeton book…and it is even better than the one I just read. I love the way the original author introduces Miss Seeton. Everything is so sweet and so clear! Miss Seeton inherits her little house in Plummergen and everyone is curious about her and why she is there…it’s just such a fun series! I think I will just read and read while football is on.

So today was a busy day…

And the weekend promises to be busy, too!

Busy and fun!

I am off to read!

See you on Monday!





19 thoughts on “Friday Fun…

  1. Stefanie says:

    Ooh, what yarn brand did she buy and what is it's content? What a fun day you had.
    I know I have one foot firmly in the fantasy department. I can't help it. I have such high expectations for modern day romance and I know historical romance can be limited as technically during that time women had limited roles in those circles.


  2. Ti says:

    Paula's visit is just what you needed. Did she ever knit you a hat? I love yarn and I used to knit and crochet as a kid but not anymore. I think it would relax me if I picked it up again but when would I do it? Haha.

    I just had a salad and my stomach feels way too full. I am still at work and not that comfortable right now!


  3. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    I really need to get hold of the first Miss Seeton book. Love the sound of your sister time. Enjoy – the food sounds so yummy and I love watching college football on tv. You'll have to post a pic of your sister's yarn buy. I totally get spending money on delicious yarns.


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