Football is highly conducive to knitting. My sister knits during football and talks to the TV…much like Den…without the knitting. We literally stayed in on Saturday and Sunday…other than walks and church…because my sister Paula loves football. Den loves football. Patty, Lucy and Roxie…do not love football but I read, played games and occasionally begged off and went upstairs to my room to watch the Hallmark Channel…I was desperate to watch anything other than football. I didn’t even care how hokey it was. I also knew my sister wanted to take care of me. She had preprepped dinners…we had carnitas in a bowl one night…tiny ham and cheese sliders on Saturday and an Italian sauce that had a roast in it…she cooks it for hours on top of the stove until the meat falls apart. I have recipes for everything! The roast sauce involves chopping carrots and celery and garlic and onions but I have Weggieman’s…and their prechopped stuff! I love it…Den and I also squirreled away all of the leftovers…we have a carnita dinner and two roast sauce dinners in the freezer. Plus…she brought us two Briar Hill Pizzas…it’s the pizza from our little Ohio town and it cannot be duplicated anywhere…they are also in the freezer!

This is a Briar Hill Pizza…the only cheese is grated Parmesan cheese and it always has peppers on it. It’s kind of like a Philadelphia tomato pie but not really.

My sister bought more yarn today and started a new project. We went to a yarn store in Chesapeake City…on the water…we had crab cakes for lunch at the Bayard House. Chesapeake City is a sweet little town right on the water.
The town looks like this…everything is in these old old beautiful houses!
This is a view from inside of the yarn store!
My sister is making this and I am making one, too!
From Edelweiss…
I love Charles Todd mysteries!
From the publisher…this is her new YA Dystopian! It was a surprise in the mail!
From NetGalley…
Some sweet cozy mysteries…
We had a long wonderful day today!
Paula is leaving in the morning.
I miss her already!





20 thoughts on “Football…Knitting…Books…

  1. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    What wonderful sister (and Den) time! What's the name of the shawl pattern? Looks like it will knit up quickly so that appeals to me as well as how lovely it is. Recipe for the roast sauce please? Chesapeake City looks so quaint.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love the coziness of it…and even though you went to watch Hallmark (I love that channel!), there is still something so connected about all of you. The dinners sound wonderful…and love the look of that pizza!

    Chesapeake City looks like a place I would love to visit.

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!


  3. Ti says:

    You knit? Is this a new thing? I don't remember that.

    That town looks sweet. I wish I lived close to a town like that. I live close to some beach towns but they aren't all that quaint. Mostly very commercial.


  4. Patty Magyar says:

    I can knit really easy things…and this is really easy. There are tons of towns like that near us…Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania are full of quaint towns…tourists, too, but yesterday it was hot and quiet!


  5. lakesidemusing says:

    It sounds like you've made the most of every minute of Paula's visit! I really want to take a knitting refresher course this winter. I remember the basics, but that's about it. And there are SO many gorgeous yarns and projects out there now!


  6. Annie says:

    Oh, my word…that 'pie' looks wonderful. Comfort! And, so does that shawl! I need a shawl or poncho just for comfy hometime. If you take orders…? I am so glad Paula is there! Hugs!


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