What To Read Over The Week End!

Sometimes seasons affect what I read…Fall and Winter make me seek out hefty sturdy stick to your ribs chunksters…books that go along with the soups in my slowcooker. But I am really having a difficult time choosing the next book I want to read. I think that what I really want to do is just keep on reading all of the Miss Seeton books…in order…I think. I have also been just a little tired and cranky…sorry, Den. And then Lucy is sick again…vet this morning and we are supposed to keep her isolated for a day or two while med’s kick in. So she is in the bathroom upstairs while Roxie sits outside the bathroom door crying for her. I really do have a headache. We were going to walk on our trail today…go to the farm for produce and then go to lunch. We have done none of that. Right now we are in the family room, reading with Diagnosis Murder on in the background listening to both Lucy and Roxie crying. Sigh!

Oh…we are doing laundry, too…even more fun.

What I am reading are these…they are sort of thick and chunky.

We are making fish sandwiches for dinner with crispy baked oven fries…sort of a fish and chips healthy knock off…

These are from simplyrecipes…

I want to make a slow cooker soup on Sunday! It’s chilly here!

I have this weird craving for a Beef And Barley Soup…like the one I used to eat for lunch every day from Campbells!

Diagnosis Murder is getting pretty intense…the kitties are finally sleeping…as

is Den…I still can’t settle on a book to read.




14 thoughts on “What To Read Over The Week End!

  1. Stefanie says:

    Mmm! Fish sandwiches sound yummy. How do you make yours? I totally want to make beef and barley soup. I have a recipe pinned because the pic looked so good and I don't think I've had barley before.
    I didn't know you were on GR! I don't know how to add you on. Can you add me? My username is Stefanie and you'll see a pic of me.


  2. Stefanie says:

    That sounds good. The slow cooker recipe I used to make the Shepherd's Pie…I scooped half of the beef mixture into a 2 qrt pyrex dish. Then spread my pound of mashed potatoes over it. The rest of the beef filling I put into a Pyrex bowl that will be microwaved tomorrow.


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