This Book Is Sooooo Good…

Status of books…

So a boy raised with wolves…who spends his parents last bits of money to buy meat from a butcher whose daughter delivers said meat to the boy and his wolf family on her bicycle and then they run away together even though they aren’t even teenagers yet.  Then after the girl comes back home the boy goes to live with a very Southern family but he won’t sit anywhere except on the floor…and animals come to his room with gifts and when he goes to school he sits on his desk…oh…and just maybe he can make it rain whenever he wants to.  

This is my kind of book!  Warning!  I almost DNF’d this book  because of the “butchery” beginning but I stayed with it.  I am so glad I did! 

Status of the blog…

I am still playing around with themes…I just can’t find the exact right one!  It has to sing to me! My blog admin is ready to quit me…I think I am making her crazy!  Plus font is really important to me.  When I taught I could only use black letters in this Carson Delosa font for every board.  Black letters and a white back ground for everything.  One year I painted my bulletin boards white so I wouldn’t have to cover them.  But they still all had those big bold black letters! WordPress does have some weird things, though…I think I have figured out photos but I can’t get text to center align and I still feel as though WP is a huge big unknown!  And I don’t like the white letters in my header!  So I work on it for awhile every day.  Sigh! 

Status of the house…

The big French door is in but not totally trimmed yet…we chose a door…actually three doors… with no panes and I am so glad we did…we are changing all of the locks…and adding a “fancy” front door knob…they aren’t in yet either…this house has 8 doors and none of them open with the same key…that is getting fixed!  I have no clue why we have 8 doors!  There is still door painting to do.  I want to stop for now…this week has been wonky…we have not had time for anything fun! 

Status of my closet…

Den played 36 holes of golf yesterday…Patty bought this…in our house it’s called “even steven”.

OMG!  I just figured out how to size and center!  I think I might love WP!  Have you ever craved octopus?  More about that tomorrow! 



10 thoughts on “This Book Is Sooooo Good…

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    Well, I thought I’d subscribed to your blog but this hasn’t shown up in my Reader so I guess I’ll have to try again.

    I bought a couple of outfits today and tried them on for Carl. He hated one of them so I’ll take it back. He said I should keep it if I like it but I know I won’t wear it because I’ll always think that he hates it. Does any of that make sense? lol


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