Knitting In The Midst Of A Revolution & What Went On This Week…

My sister and her husband are in Barcelona. It’s raining. She is knitting in her hotel room. The revolution is all around them. I hope it clears up before it’s time for them to go to dinner. My sister and her husband are fearless…literally fearless.  Once they leave Spain…hopefully soon…they will board a ship and cruise home while stopping at tons of interesting places.  They will be away about a month.  My sister Paula will be home in time to host Thanksgiving dinner and make the turkey stuffing that everyone craves.  

So…here in Pennsylvania…


I gathered quite a few and read a few…the only one in this bunch I haven’t started yet is The Cottingley Secret…I am saving that for football Sunday.   


I have been in a contemplative mood this week.  We thought that this was going to be a really bad winter but now it seems as though it’s going to be mild.  We are still waiting for finishing touches on the doors…we need paint and locks!  Den is getting really impatient.  We are still waiting for Den’s study furniture.  We purposely cleared out his study because the furniture people said was coming this week but there isn’t a hint of it yet!  Sigh! 


Hmmm…we had stuff to do almost every day this week.  Knee shots and hair trims and friends visiting!  We were busy and today I am tired…really tired.  I think the biggest adventure that I want today is to rent Spider-Man!  I am not sure that we even ate exciting foods this week.  It seems as though we ate lots of soup and veggie sandwiches.  We might have even had Cheerios for dinner one night!  But tonight we are having pasta!  We were in Home Goods one day this week and they have one aisle devoted entirely to pasta!  Unique and amazing pastas with really cool shapes!  That’s what’s for dinner tonight…Victoria Sauce from Costco….meatballs from our Country Butcher…and totally ridiculous pasta shapes from Home Goods!  The perfect combination! 

So…that was my week other than battling WordPress every day! I am a WordPress warrior! 

Have a great  weekend…see you Monday! 

I leave you with this image because  I can’t move…I have one kitty over and one under and my cursor ís out of control! 







16 thoughts on “Knitting In The Midst Of A Revolution & What Went On This Week…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I do love drooling over the pasta dishes you post….and hopefully the furniture, etc., will arrive in due time. But it’s frustrating waiting around.

    Books help, though. Enjoy your weekend and those books…and being a Warrior, you will find a way to work with Word Press!



  2. Ti says:

    I’m always skeptical about food items from HomeGoods or TJMaxx. I feel like they get the rejects but pasta probably doesn’t fall into that category. I want to see the shapes too!

    I am craving Indian curry. I’m sure I will not get Indian curry though because no one in my house likes it. I’ve been having a hard time digesting food and it’s bringing me a bit down.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Oh no! Why the digestion issues? You have a lot of issues with my beloved T.J. Maxx And Homegoods but that’s ok. The pasta aisle was wondrous! I can’t wait to go back. I bought coffee there, too, and it was terrific! We had the pasta last night…magnifico!


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Hope you enjoy the weekend… we’re supposed to have perfect fall weather here! Hoping to get outside for a nice long walk today. Tomorrow I’m making lasagna for my sisters birthday celebration 🙂


  4. Patty Magyar says:

    Oooh lasagna! I have been thinking about making that for a long time! Our week end is lovely, too…although there are workers everywhere! But I am resting and reading until they leave! I want to pop a kitty in a stroller and take another walk later!


  5. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    It has certainly been a mild and warm fall. I am glad for the warmer weather to linger for as long as possible. I have no desire for a long winter. 🙂

    Glad you are reading such good books. Your sister sounds like she definitely has an adventurous spirit!

    Hope all the home projects are going well.


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