Thinking About Books…


I read this over the weekend…I truly love this series…I love Inspector Rutledge with all of his flaws.  He is forever harboring himself in quaint small English towns to solve murders.  He drinks lots of tea and eats rashers of bacon and quite a few pasties, too.  He puzzles over suspects and eventually solves each crime.  I also love that these can be read out of order…something I don’t normally do. 
This week I may read these…


Plus I need to toss in one fantasy…this is a middle grade one!  I have a fondness for middle grade books lately.  


This was a weekend where we really didn’t cook!  Saturday we had painters.  They spilled Hunter green paint on the entryway floor…they were painting the front door.  They left without even telling us they were leaving…so doors were open and we had yellow jackets, weird flies and lovely stink bugs as guests! Plus they didn’t paint a huge part of the front door.  Den had to station himself downstairs while they were in and out and we seriously don’t like the way they painted the new French doors.  I am so sick of all this stuff!  One French door has holes in it because someone threw away the little white things that go in the holes!  And these painters are supposed to be really good!  Sigh! 

But…we did find a new pizza place!  We were desperate for food on Saturday after being held hostage by the painters all day…so we tried a new pizza shop that delivers!  It was so good! 

I feel sad if I am not cooking something special for Den for dinner…our plan was to make sheet pan fajitas on Sunday night but we were both out of  the mood to cook…so we turned our fajitas into sautéed steak and brown rice…simple but good! I mean really simple…I have no clue what we are eating today! 

It’s a dismal day here today.  I am prepping to work out.  Den is changing out litter boxes.  The kitties are waiting for a new heater for their bed from Amazon.  I want to rent Spider-Man and eat popcorn and drink a Root Beer!  

I played around with WP over the weekend.  I think I like what I did but I think I don’t have a sidebar….I still have no links or widgets to NetGalley and Goodreads…and although I am certain you are sick of hearing this…I still dislike WP…fiercely!  I have to figure out a new sidebar…one that is simple and one that makes me happy. I used to have a blog that made me happy but now it just makes me crazed! 


Frustrated Patty

18 thoughts on “Thinking About Books…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I thought you might have come to terms with WP, after creating this stunning new look. A great theme.

    Remember the “instructions for widgets” I sent you? An easy way to create things on your sidebar. If you can’t find it, I’ll send it again.

    It makes me sad that you hate WP, since I love it so much…and really hated Blogger! LOL


    • Patty Magyar says:

      It’s not that I hate it exactly…it’s that it is very tricky…and I really only liked blogging with my iPad and it’s not as easy on WP’s app! I see all of the things you do on yours and I am in awe! I have the widget directions…and I have referred to them but my Goodreads widgets won’t work on WP…WP keeps telling me they are invalid.

      I am so glad you love my new theme! I like it, too! It’s simple and that’s what I like…it’s just the sidebar and my friend Lisa will help me with it but I am still figuring it out! I want the perfect sidebar!

      Den has threatened to get us a MacBook…just so I will stop complaining!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Laurel-Rain Snow says:

        Wouldn’t it be easier to use a laptop and go into the dashboard to work? I can’t imagine how the iPad would be the way to go. But maybe that’s just me, because I don’t use one. LOL


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    I like the clean look without sidebars but I get why you want them.

    We had frustrations with our painters this summer too. They unhooked the vent from our gas water heater and didn’t hook it back up right. At least they paid for the repair.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I don’t think many workers get things right ever! The problem is that I need a way for readers to see where my reviews are…I think as soon as I figure it out…I will be less cranky!


  3. Kathryn says:

    Yeah I have never tried the WordPress App but I do love the WP blog that I have – not my book blog which is on Blogger. But I love the commenting and being able to track them better on WP. All the best with the sidebar! It’s great to have a series where the main character entertains you. Oh dear the painters do not sound so good!!!

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    • Laurel-Rain Snow says:

      There are icons for FB, Twitter, Goodreads, etc., which you can add to the sidebar using the widget directions.

      But…maybe your WP app doesn’t allow for that.

      Hang in there! Many of us are using WP and living to tell about it. LOL


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