Is The Third Time Really The Charm?

This is the third time I have written a post only to have it crash and disappear.  I have not had anything like this happen since my early blogger days!  So…here I go again!  My first post was really clever and really charming.  My second post was just a bit clever and a touch charming.  This post will be boring and nonsensical.  I will understand if you stop reading now.

The point of this post was my lockup in our bedroom with the kitties.  Doors are again under construction…the contractor is here and he is fixing everything that was messed up over the weekend.  But doors everywhere are being opened and drilled and shut as we install new locks with the same key for every door!  The kitties cannot be loose…in lieu of sounding like Mother Goose…they would wander out looking for a golden goose egg, hop on the back of a clever fox to get across the pond or follow a wayward skunk down the road…never to be seen again! 

So…we are in our bedroom.  I am noticing that they have almost as many things in our room as we do plus they use our stuff mostly anyway! Roxie is racing around our room because she hates being locked in!  Lucy is resting comfortably!  You know the idea behind little kids who see a bathroom and need to use it?  Roxie and Lucy are the same way…Den moved a litter box into our room and Roxie has been leaping in and out of it…thrashing litter everywhere!  Help!  Now she is trying to get Lucy up!  

They each have scratchers and comfy blankets stuffed with heating pads and water in special bowls and Roxie loves sleeping on a huge puppy pillow on my tapestry chair!  But…we still wake up with them tucked in next to us always watching and waiting.  We are their main entertainment!  And now that I am theirs alone…locked in…they are trifling with me…bouncing Roxie and staring Lucy!  

I am so ready for the three of us to be free!  Released into the world! 

Reading this….it’s a sort of a take on Rumpelstiltskin and Sleeping Beauty And Rapunzel…two sisters cursed at birth but now all sorts of untangling is going on…there is lots of magic and mystery and mayhem.  There is really rich writing, humor, and a great mystery of a story!  

Plus a sequel! 

Ok…hopefully this post won’t crash…I think Den and I might zip out for lunch or groceries or both.  

I need a break from my furry babies! 



I still hate WordPress more and more every day! 

18 thoughts on “Is The Third Time Really The Charm?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    My heart is sad that you have not found your groove with WP…yet. As if it’s my fault, somehow. Did I talk you into WP? No…probably not everything is about me. LOL.

    I wondered what happened to your post, as I got an e-mail that there was one…and then it wasn’t there!

    I swear…I’ve never had any of the problems you’re having. My worst moments with WP was when they changed to their “improved way of posting,” which, in my opinion was not improved. But Mary and Kathy and I found a way to reach the Dashboard and post the OLD and good way. Maybe you’re using the “new” way?

    Anyway…I’m reading Lisa Jewell’s And Then She Was Gone, and I love it so much! I didn’t want to sleep last night, as it had grabbed me by the throat and kept me captive. In a good way.

    I hope your workers finish up and let you enjoy your life! Have a great day!


  2. janetxb says:

    NOT boring! NOT nonsensical! One of your bests posts yet; thanks for persevering! My favorite line is: “…they would wander out looking for a golden goose egg, hop on the back of a clever fox to get across the pond or follow a wayward skunk down the road…never to be seen again!” Also, I love the picture of the two girls at the top of the page.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LisaD says:

    I get put on lock down with my kitties too whenever Bill is working from home and has conference calls. Simon has a desperate need too talk to ‘daddy’s friends” Sigh. It makes for a long day. I hope you are free soon!
    After my trials yesterday I am on the I hate WordPress bandwagon with you 🙂


  4. BermudaOnion says:

    I write the best posts in my head when I’m walking or running or out in the car and then can never remember them when I have the chance to really write them. I hope they get all the work done so you and the girls can get out of jail!


  5. June says:

    Boy, I finally found you and can post a comment. I feel so lost since you moved to WordPress. SMH…Maybe it’s my lack of technology skills or maybe it’s because I hate change…you’ve upset my comfort zone! Lol!!! Love the header picture of the girls… 🙂


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