It’s Finally The Week’s End!  


I had a terrible time reading at my usual rate this week!  All I did was acquire books and figure out a better schedule for reading them but yet barely reading them.  I did most of my reading in the middle of the night with a kitty on a pillow next to me.  It’s the best way to read a page turning fantasy!  But…if one kitty is curled up with us it doesn’t take long for a second kitty to feel the need to curl up with us and then we have a smush of tails and paws and little kitty heads…I have to precariously perch my Kindle in just the right spot to see it and read.  

I finished this…loved this book.

I am loving this…

I just got all of these and then some…

And…I bought this calendar to do a better job of tracking books and reviews…I am serious about this!  It’s a no frills black and white calendar! 


I was frustrated this week because I am plateauing with my workouts.  I am either still really tired or I just need to push myself more.  I can tell I am really close to a visit with my oncologist because I am watching Colombo, Murder She Wrote And Diagnosis Murder.  All mindless stuff that takes my mind off of things.  Sigh! 


Well…another appliance bit the dust yesterday.  Our Bosch dishwasher totally stopped working.  It was 17 years old and always ran beautifully.  The only simple thing about replacing it was buying another Bosch.  We also bought a refrigerator…finally the right one and we had to buy a new microwave…too.  We are just waiting for our cook top to fall apart.  We almost replaced it but they didn’t have one. 

We just want to know when it will end.  The contractor came back and fixed all of the stuff that was messed up over the week end.  Our car came back after it’s repair when Den hit my sister.  Hopefully we are good for awhile.  

We watched Spider Man for Den’s birthday…and…we have been really into Diagnosis Murder while we workout.  

My hair is growing into a spiky mess…it’s out of control.  That’s it’s own adventure.  

There is not a lot of cooking going on here until we get the dishwasher.  Den went out for Chinese food.  That’s dinner!  We aren’t sure we actually know how to wash dishes but Den bought some stuff and we will watch a YouTube video.  Heeheehee…


It has crashed 4 times while I was writing.  The print is delayed and it makes me crazy.  I can’t comment on Lakeside Musing or The Book Date.  I think it’s any blogger blog.  But I have noticed that other WP bloggers can comment on blogger blogs…just not me…one more reason why I hate WordPress.  
See you Monday! 




6 thoughts on “It’s Finally The Week’s End!  

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    In order to comment on Blogger sites, you have to have an active Blogger profile. Even after I deleted my Blogspot sites, I kept the profile.

    I hope your appliances are done crashing…and someday you will find some WP love, by using a laptop and ditching the WP app….just sayin’.


  2. lakesidemusing says:

    I’m sorry for your blogging (and appliance) woes! I’ve adjusted my comments settings and will be curious to see if that makes any difference for you. Think I’ve mentioned that I set up a WP account and a test blog, but just couldn’t get the hang of it. It was SO much more complicated! Let me know if the setting change helps 🙂


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