I Do Love The Week’s End…


Just about finished with this and it is really good…a great story and great writing. 

Then I will finish this….

And perhaps start this…


I have to think a little bit about one of the numbers in my blood work this week. My oncologist said not to worry about it but I started worrying about it right away and I can’t stop worrying.  In fact all that I am doing is worrying.  I just want to put on mindless TV and think about how I am going to get through the next six weeks.  This is what happens when I need to live in a perfect world and after this year I should know better.  My world is so far from perfect…scans, blood tests, pain, wrestling every day to find stamina, fear…my life is nothing like it used to be… and most likely it never will be.  


Both Lucy and Roxie were at the vet’s today…Lucy for fluids and Roxie for a shot.  They are both napping peacefully now.  This wasn’t a week for adventures unless I count Weggieman’s on Wednesday and Ethan Allen on that same Wednesday.  Oh, and for the first time I didn’t wear a hat to the vet’s.  And I showed my hair to everyone at Penn Medicine.  I don’t know how to get more adventures in my life right now.  

Have a great week end…I will be back Monday! 


Sunroom fall panorama! 

18 thoughts on “I Do Love The Week’s End…

  1. lakesidemusing says:

    Your sun room is so pretty and inviting! I’m getting closer to the top of the hold list for Little Fires Everywhere and glad to hear you’re enjoying it. Ti posted yesterday that she loved it, too… can’t wait to read it! Have a good weekend.


  2. Stefanie says:

    OMGosh, your sunroom is amazing! I’d love to knit or read there. I’m sorry you’re worried. Does that number affect your stamina? How could it be brought up? I hope it’s not painful. Hugs. I added that neighbor one to my TBR. I don’t really read thrillers; I may try some this year.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      The CA 125 number is a weird one…it sort of determines cancer in your body but then sometimes it doesn’t. Some doctors won’t even tell their patients the number because it is so stressful. Mine went up and down all through chemo so my oncologist says it’s only one thing but in my head it’s the biggest thing! I can’t calm down and I wake up every morning in a panic…until I work through my routine and calm down.


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