It’s Always About Books On Monday…


So…I finished this interesting little book…it takes place in a sweet little neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else.  The neighbors are mostly families with young children but there are also two single women…one older…one younger.  There is adultery, postpartum depression, baby snatching, obsessive running, self doubt…you name it…it’s right in the midst of this sweet little cul de sac where everyone seems so nice! This book was a book that was hard to put down…I loved it.

Now I am reading this…a family with secrets?  Lots of them, too.  A second marriage, a husband who can’t settle down…he wants a wall torn down…his wife leaves to get groceries…he tears the wall down and causes chaos within his house, he is adored by his children but he is kind of manic…another book I am not able to put down!

I am not really certain what I will be in the mood for next…hopefully one of these…this one just popped into my queue from NetGalley.  I think this one is about friendship in a sort of dysfunctional way…

This one is from NetGalley, too.  It’s an Indie Next selection for November and it’s about going back home and dealing with dark issues from your past.


So…over the weekend I was able to add a Goodreads Widget to my sidebar but of course it’s not really the one I wanted.  This is why I still have a continuing dislike for WordPress…it’s crashed no less than 5 times since I started this post and I can no longer center my photos.  I can’t size them either so I again have no clue what my final post will look like.  Now it looks as though they might be centered but I can’t really tell.  
Football was weird on Sunday because Den is from Colorado and loves the Broncos but we live near Philadelphia and he also loves the Eagles.  They played each other on Sunday…wasn’t that a win win situation? 

We kind of haven’t been hungry for dinner lately.  We seem to be happier eating breakfast and lunch and then eating something fruity and snacky for dinner…plus if we eat lunch past noon we aren’t hungry at all!  I am trying to figure this out…it’s a dilemma for us.  We could eat salads?  Veggie plates?  Cheeses and crackers?  Peanut buttery crackers and ice cold glasses of milk?  Soup?  What do we do?  Oh me oh my!  For the last few days I have frozen chops and turkey tenderloins…even fish and ravioli because we just aren’t that hungry at night! 



15 thoughts on “It’s Always About Books On Monday…

  1. Stefanie says:

    Last night we were low on food and I didn’t have teriyaki sauce for the salmon so the husband and I had egg omelettes with cheese and spinach while the baby had one with just cheese. The teen had cereal. Tonight is oven roasted salmon slaughtered in teriyaki sauce with brown rice and corn on the cob.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I have Poison and I do want to get The Family Next Door. I love cul de sacs! I’ve lived on them a couple of times. Neighborhoods like that are deceptively nice and sweet…LOL.

    I just got The Girls in the Picture, by Melanie Benjamin, from NetGalley.

    I am reading your blog from my laptop and the photos look fine, so maybe viewing them from your iPad just makes them look weird.

    It’s like reading blogs from my iPhone…they never look the same as they do from the laptop.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Ok…Poison is making me crazy…I can’t put it down…it’s different…raw…awful at times but so readable.

      You are right about the skewed iPad vision…I just have to remember that…once I get my blog set up…with the side bar I want…I think I will be less stressed!

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  3. BermudaOnion says:

    I hope you get all the WP stuff figured out – having it crash all the time has to be really frustrating.

    Carl and I often have two meals a day – breakfast and “lupper” – quite often.


  4. Kathryn says:

    I once read a book about how breakfast should be biggest meal and then lunch and meal at night should be smallest – maybe you are on to a good thing! Good to hear the Sally Hepworth books was unputdownable, makes me want to read it!


  5. Ti says:

    I see the Goodreads widget on your page now. Cool.

    How have you been?

    A lot of people eat just two meals a day. I think it’s pretty normal to skip dinner but for you, you are still rebuilding so you should probably have some protein at night.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      It’s really weird…ever since big chemo I crave peanut butter and can’t tolerate wine of any kind. Part of the issue is I just don’t feel like cooking at night or even later in the day…you are right about the stamina thing…


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I have been ok…the problem with dinner is literally feeling like cooking after four…I just don’t have the energy yet…big chemo kicked my butt totally. but you are right about protein at night…sometimes I go crazy craving peanut butter…ever since chemo…its what I crave!


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