Another day of painters…back…finishing what they failed to do a few weeks ago.  The kitties and I are locked in our bedroom…they are obsessing over the novelty of a litter box in my room.  Again…it’s like little kids obsessing over a different bathroom…it’s a novelty and they just have to use it.  They are actually waiting on each other and seemingly taking turns using it.  Sigh! 

I am obsessing over this book.  I have moved from wanting to not finish it to not being able to put it down.  There are some “rough sexy bits” scattered through it.  Sometimes I think I am a prude.  Have I ever told you that my mom was friends…best friends…with an entire group of nuns…from Italy?  She loved them and they loved her.  I think Sister Olympia was her bestie!  My mom spent lots of time in church, too.  That might be where my uptightishness comes from.   But I am past the point of no return with this book…I “gotta” see where Cass and Ryan end up!  I don’t even know if the author is male or female! Galt? 

Pasta…these just posted on Food & Wine…don’t they look good? 

Wordpress only crashed 6 times while I wrote this post!  Grrrrrr…I hate WP!  I will learn to link soon!  I hope! 


13 thoughts on “Pasta-Bilities? 

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love the look of the pasta! I am now trying to decide which of the two 11/21 releases I’ll read first: The Story of Arthur Truluv or Poison. Galt is female, according to Google. She is a producer, director, and novelist.

    Glad your house is finally approaching the finish line…isn’t it? Enjoy your day with the kitties in close proximity. LOL


  2. Stefanie says:

    I like angel hair and big shell pastas. That ear one, whenever I buy it there are always all these pieces that are stuck together and they don’t really release when boiled so then the parts that are stuck on one another is tough because they didn’t cook. We haven’t been eating much pasta in the house. I’ve bought the loosely shaped ones but I think I’ll start buying the spaghetti or fettuccine again.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Oooh, all the pasta! I love Food and Wine recipes. They are often a little more complicated, but always so delicious. Laughing about your mom and the nuns – my mother was music director/organist at our church for years and she worked at the rectory, too. Several of the nuns were considered good friends. It was not at all unusual (and though it doesn’t happen nearly as often, still isn’t) to have the odd priest or nun to Sunday dinner. I totally get it 😉

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    • Patty Magyar says:

      It’s amazing how much a part of my lives these nuns were. When these nuns first came to the town I grew up in they did not speak English. They only spoke Italian. They started a school in our town, too, once they were fluent in English! Everyone in our town loved them! That is so interesting about your mom, too!


  4. Kathryn says:

    Love the idea of the kitties having fun with the new placing of the kitty litter! I skip a lot of sex scenes in books – I don’t need it and if that’s prudish – so be it! Pasta dishes look yummy.


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