One Less Thing To Wait For! 

We have a dishwasher!  Yes!  We really do!  It’s installed…it’s working!  This is the longest we have been without one…how did people do it in the olden days?  How did my mom wash dishes every day?  I think it’s been about five days of paper compostable plates for us and the kitties!  It’s so crazy to be this excited over a dishwasher!  And yes…the girls and I are shut up in our room…with the litter box!  Again! 

I finished Poison…it was wildly compelling and maddening and frustrating and so good!  What an amazing book!  I am now curious about the books she wrote before Poison!  I didn’t love Poison’s cover but I love the covers of her other books.  

I fell in love with this book when I read it a few months ago…a fantasy…

and I never read prequels…but I am reading this one.  I am craving a fantasy! 

So…I tried linking about a hundred times with absolutely no luck at all…so I am back to watching YouTube videos…I still can’t get any of the widgets I really want on my sidebar…and this post crashed 3 times while I was writing it…which means I still am not fond of WordPress!  

Every other blog I see on WP looks polished and refined…mine looks clunky and amateurish.  I guess I just keep on working on it until I get it the way I want it.  Sigh!  I don’t even want a complicated blog…I just want a few easy pieces!  



15 thoughts on “One Less Thing To Wait For! 

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I think your WP app probably interferes with what you want to accomplish. It is probably set up to mesh with that stupid new and improved way of posting, which most of us don’t use. Just going into through the dashboard (not the new & improved way) will allow for all those things you want.

    Glad you got the new dishwasher. I am thinking that I’ll be reading Poison soon.


      • Laurel-Rain Snow says:

        What’s an Asus? I love Geek Squad, but I don’t know if they are experts on blogging. Worth a try, maybe.

        I still think you are somehow using the “improved posting method,” via your app, perhaps. I say this because I know that if I had started with this “new improved method,” and not known how to work around it, I would be shrieking regularly.

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  2. lakesidemusing says:

    Yay… a new dishwasher!!! I’m sorry WP is so frustrating. I had the same experience when I tried to start a test blog there in hopes of switching… it was a total nightmare. I just couldn’t get anything to work right. Wonder if there is a WP blogger near you that could give you a one on one lesson… or maybe FaceTime?

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  3. Kathryn says:

    I sometimes dream about a dishwasher but hesitate at the initial disruption and I don’t even have any kittens to upset! Poison sounds interesting, a little late for me to request from NG as wouldn’t get it read this month but will keep it in mind for buying.


  4. Mary says:

    We bought a Bosch dw a couple of years ago and love it – especially the flatware shelf up top.

    You’ve got me excited about Poison. Hoping to read that in the next few weeks!


  5. Ti says:

    I hate dishwashers. I much prefer washing dishes by hand. I do my best thinking while washing the dishes. I’ve just always done them that way. I wish someone would take my dishwasher so I could add another cabinet for pots!


  6. Stefanie says:

    It’s pretty! I love our Bosche dishwasher. It’s a good workhorse. My husband had bought a small water vacuum because the small hoses got clogged with bits of food, but it’s been fine since then. I really want to read that series and have to find at our used bookstore, but I requested The Virgin Cure first since Moth is in that book first.


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