I Love The Week’s End…

It’s a freezing cold Friday with the promise of a colder Saturday…yikes!  We were running the AC just a few days ago…what happened?

Here’s what went on this week…


I started this one because I kept seeing it pop up on many of my fave blogs…it’s so good I almost can’t stand it.  It immediately has me scrambling for this author’s other books.  I love the characters.  I hate starting a series with the last book written but this  author has explained these characters well and I don’t feel as though I am lost.

I am also reading and loving this one…an environmental attorney returns to issues in her hometown.


I am toying with the idea of returning to Blogger…even if I can only post from a laptop.   I looked at my last Blogger post and it has my beloved sidebar…the one I created and love and my Goodreads widget is updating without me…so sad!

I know I am complaining a lot about this but I can’t help it.  Any solution calls for a new computer…I haven’t used my laptops in a while…my Asus is awkward and my Dell is slow…even though they are both not that old…sigh…is this called a stand still?

Lucy woke us in the middle of the night screaming…literally screaming…but this is what to expect from an elder kitty.  She doesn’t even really know what she wants.   We are in a tough place with her…she eats, drinks, uses her litter box but I am on a constant stress watch with her.  She just finished screaming in this photo…she just needed me to hold her…it’s so sad.

And then we have this one.  This is the face of a young lively cat who smells butter on an English muffin…and wants it!

This is the photo of Roxie begging Lucy to shut up!  Please!  


Den’s brother was here yesterday…for the day.  He has been in NYC all week helping one of his sons pack up paintings for a gallery show in Denver.  Den’s brother lives in Denver and flew to NYC to help his son pack up his paintings…massive paintings…and then he and his son will drive them to Denver.  I know…unbelievable…when Den’s brother’s son isn’t painting he works full time at MOMA.  Den’s brother paints, his twin sons paint, Den does not paint.  I always find that funny.  Den’s mom used to take painting lessons and try to get us to hang her “flower paintings” in our house.  Den’s nephews clearly have a different vision…

Hmmm…let’s see…did I have any other adventures?  I just had my nails done.  We went to lunch yesterday.  I fell asleep while Den’s brother was here because I was exhausted!  I seriously have no stamina!  We might go to see Orient Express today.  I have been binge watching Miss Fisher’s mysteries…I love them!  Finally our new refrigerator is here and actually coming tomorrow!  We literally have no groceries because we have been trying to empty out the refrigerator!

I am off for the weekend…no WP woes for a few days!

See you Monday with even more books!



23 thoughts on “I Love The Week’s End…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, so sorry that you will give up on WP! I thought Blogger was giving you problems, too…but maybe that’s with the app.

    I still think your current WP app is responsible for your issues…and I am itching to fly to Philadelphia and show you how to get around the parts that frustrate you….but, sigh, probably not happening. LOL.

    Enjoy the weekend. I loved Cold as Ice and all the previous books in the series.

    I also have Bonfire to read soon…I think. Currently I’m reading The Last Mrs. Parrish.


    • Patty says:

      I finally found someone who will come here and help me set everything up…side by side…in lieu of you flying here! But that would have been fun. I really don’t want to go back to Blogger and the person who is coming to help has said exactly what everyone else has said…once it’s set up I will love it.

      Thank you, though!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Laurel-Rain Snow says:

        Oh, I am so glad, Patty, as I really believe that, once you’re set up with WP, with your sidebar to your liking, you will enjoy all the possibilities. I love the variety of themes, etc.

        Although it would have been fun to fly out there, I don’t think I could have managed it. (I hate flying!).

        Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Carol says:

    I keep seeing Cold as Ice too, but then reading about 16 year-old Grace’s boyfriend and parties in the blurb and decide to skip it. I hear too much teenage drama as is.
    Have a good weekend. I’m hoping to see Murder on the Orient Express too, but I have a feeling it’ll be put off until next weekend.


    • Patty says:

      Den can color and paint by numbers!

      Lucy has always been loud…really loud…but her age might be making it worse. We have pills for her now that help her to sleep and relax a bit. The yelling could be from arthritis pain, too. She had a pill last night and slept all night until 5:30 this morning…it was good for all of us…


    • Patty says:

      We will try to stay warm…I have the same wish for you! We woke up literally colder than we have been in a while! Lucy had a good night…she is very special to me…thank you for your kind words!


  3. June says:

    Yes! Please go back to Blogger! I know I’m being selfish, but I find it so hard to find your posts! I signed up, but I wasn’t seeing any updates. I think they went to some obscure area in my email. I have to hunt for them. Ugh!! Poor Lucy!!! Is she yelling because she’s in pain? Praying for you guys. Love ya…♡♡♡


  4. lakesidemusing says:

    I love Mulhern’s Country Club Series, too! Haven’t read Cold As Ice yet… actually, I think I haven’t read the one before it either. It’s almost the time of year when I binge on cozies… the Hamptons series you were reading a couple months ago is also a strong contender.

    Did you go see Murder on the Orient Express? How was it? Poor Lucy… thinking about all of you.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kathryn says:

    Happy to read the first comments and see you are going to get some help in making WP work the way you want it. I am on Blogger but would go in a heartbeat except for the fact I had design work done that I am loathe to leave, but possibly in the future I will anyway. I love the comment part so much. Nice that you are enjoying Julie Mulhern, I have seen her books around too but haven’t tried anything – yet!


    • Patty Magyar says:


      I have been told repeatedly that once I get WP the way I want it I will love it. This is the story of how I found the person coming to help me. I called Geek Squad, I called Staples…no one could really help. I then did a google search for local computer repair…and I found Jim…who recommended David! David is the one coming on Thursday to help me get everything sorted out. Jim is local…David is local…David used to work at Baldwin’s Book Barn…which is a huge used book store in our area…it might be closed though…anyway…isn’t it fascinating? All of us live in close proximity to each other! David loves WP! He says I will soon love it, too!

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  6. Ti says:

    The side bar issue is such a simple one but you don’t seem to want to move away from your iPad to do them. It takes two seconds!

    Is that image of one of the painting’s Den’s brother did? It seems very angry.


      • Ti says:

        In WP, first you have to know what type of content you ate adding. If you are adding HTML code of any kind, like for the Goodreads widget, you need to select the HTML widget type and drop it into the sidebar, then edit the widget with the code you have. If you want to add an image, then add an Image widget type and then edit the image, etc. Add the type of widget, then edit.


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