It’s Almost All About Books On Monday!

I have abandoned everything I started and “should” be reading because I am totally smitten with this series and its main character Ellison…and her mom…and Anarchy Jones…the detective who wants to save Ellison…in this case and in this book from being murdered.  I would love to be besties with the author.  Drinks at the club would be the perfect outing!  Oh me oh my I love this series.  I am not even reading them in order…I am just randomly reading them…this is my second one in two days and I am not tired of anyone yet!  They are set in the 70’s and some of the references to 70’s things are too funny!




I received some fascinating books from NetGalley this week…I should and I will read them soon!  The next time I post about books I should know how to link!  But today I still don’t!  I am so sorry.


So…I accidentally posted from a different part of WP and it was easier and I was…quite by accident…able to post these book pictures side by side and the same size!  Trust me when I say I have no idea how I did it.  But…it actually made me like WordPress!  I bet you are surprised to hear that!  I am surprised, too!  Seriously!

We did not see Murder On The Orient Express on Friday but we are going tomorrow. I want to see Thor, too, and I need to see the movie that comes out this Friday with Batman and Flash and Wonder Woman in it…I love Marvel movies with a passion!  We go to a dine in AMC theatre so Den can get really good beer with his popcorn.  I sneak in Goldfish crackers.

So…I love making a casserole or sheetpan supper or skillet dinner on Sunday night…yesterday I made this noodles mixed with cottage cheese and Greek yogurt…then layered with ground meat and tomato sauce…I use Bison…and layered with a sharp cheddar cheese dish…it sounds weird but it was so good! The noodles were those big wide ones…you were supposed to use sour cream but I always use Greek Yogurt instead.  You mix the cottage cheese and yogurt together with the noodles and layer that with the saucy meaty stuff and cheese.  I don’t even understand why it was yummy but it was!  I think it’s based on something called Grandma’s Casserole.  Grandma really knew what she was doing!  This one is from The Pioneer Woman.  If I only knew how to link…



I am off to shower and relax and read!  I am so excited and hopeful about WP!  At least today I am…



12 thoughts on “It’s Almost All About Books On Monday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love the Mulhern books! They fly by and then I’m eagerly anticipating the next one.

    I’ll bet you accidentally found the dashboard and entered that way. It’s the easy way, despite what they say about their “new improved method,” which doesn’t work well at all.

    Linking and sizing are easy the “old way,” which is through the dashboard. I hope your helper leads you through that easy “back door.”


  2. Stefanie says:

    That’s how I feel about a few of the books I have in my stack right now. I think I have two cozies left. I want to read that Country Club series; I always forget and now I want to, especially for Thanksgiving break.


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