What I Did This Week…


I loved this book!  It was the perfect kind of fantasy…scary, unique and just a little bit sexy with this wandfasting thing going on…wandfasting  is similar to getting married…sort of. I really don’t read prequels and I was a bit lost and confused at the beginning.  I didn’t quite get where this author was going until I reread the beginning of the book that comes next…The Black Witch…then I appreciated this book thoroughly!  But…I am not a fan of prequels…this almost could have been the first book? Well…I guess technically it was the first book.


Now I am reading this…really good…it will take me through the weekend…I am sure.

This book appears to be fast paced as well as intense.


Not so sure that all of my thoughts were happy ones this week…Thanksgiving without parents is always rough. I just am not up to travel yet so we are staying at home to have a cozy little Thanksgiving of our own.


This week we saw a movie on Tuesday and went out to lunch today. We drove into Pennsylvania horse country to the Whip…a fave of ours. It was my idea, I surprised Den and it felt good to be out on a lunch date. The Whip has amazing food…we both had Tavern Steak Salads and a starter of House Smoked Salmon on baby potato pancakes…yummy!

The Whip prides itself on certain English foods like Scotch Eggs, Fish And Chips, Bangors And Mash…I mostly eat salads or quiche there. People are always ordering something called Welsh Rarebit…a very cheesy dippy kind of thing.

So…it was a quiet week but they usually are…Lucy seems stable…Roxie is wild…workouts were intense but I skipped two days so now I have to make them up over the weekend.

Take care! Have a great week end…I will be back with more stuff on Monday!



Lucy always looks so annoyed by Sweet Roxie!

10 thoughts on “What I Did This Week…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I’ve been wanting Anatomy of a Scandal…and now it is only two months until it releases! Did you get it from any of the places I use? Or was it Edelweiss? GRRR.

    Love the sound of The Whip…and it definitely has an English look to it. My eldest son was working in London this week and wrote about the fish and chips they enjoyed.

    I saw that you used some hyperlinks…good for you! Enjoy your weekend.


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