What I Learned…

I have a sidebar!  I am happy with it and I am not changing anything anytime soon.

I can link! I think!  I am linking to this recipe on this blog...and this soup is what’s for dinner!  It is a soup that can be tossed together quickly…we use an organic bison rather than hamburger and loads of organic veg…it’s amazing and literally tosses together in minutes.  Den and I have learned to work together on some recipes so this one came together in no time at all.  We have a fresh baguette waiting to be eaten alongside this soup.  It’s a cold chilly day here today…rainy, too.  It’s a day made for soup and good bread!



I spent 3 hours with David The Computer Guy this morning.  We worked side by side and everything I needed to do and know he did and then made me do.  It’s what I needed…and I knew it’s what I needed…to be in the same room with a teacher.  We had computers everywhere.  My laptops, his laptop, Den’s laptops…scattered on island and tables.  I appreciate everyone’s help but a solid three hour side by side brought everything together for me.  I can finally relax with my blog for a while…hopefully!

I am only trying out one link today…I don’t want to overlink…or hyperlink.



11 thoughts on “What I Learned…

  1. Vicki says:

    I’ve made that soup before and it’s very good. I’d like to try it with Bison sometime since I love it.

    I learn by doing too. You can tell me over and over but sometimes it just doesn’t compute.

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